Colloquium Series

Upcoming Colloquia

Spring 2021 Speakers

March 5: Professor Hadar Aviram, University of California, Hastings, Yesterday’s Monsters: The Manson Family Cases and the Illusion of Parole (hosted by the Baldy Center; cosponsored by Sociology)

March 12: Professor Julia Chuang, Boston College, "Beneath the China Boom: Labor, Citizenship, and the Making of a Rural Land Market"

April 16: Professor Leah Ruppanner, University of Melbourne, "Motherlands: How States in the U.S. Push Mothers Out of Employment"

With questions, please contact Prof. Robert Adelman

Past Speakers

  • Sarah Brayne, University of Texas
  • John Major Eason, University of Wisconsin
  • Christopher Uggen, University of Minnesota
  • Steve Boutcher, Law & Society Association
  • Marcia Carlson, University of Wisconsin
  • Sarah Hayford, The Ohio State University
  • Yu Xie, Princton University
  • Jennifer Montez, Syracuse University
  • Kait Boyle, Virginia Tech University
  • Alford A. Young, Jr., University of Michigan
  • Tey Meadow, Harvard University
  • Lynette Chua, National University of Singapore
  • Mariana Craciun, Northwestern University
  • Renee Cramer, Drake University
  • Patricia Tweet, St. John’s Fisher College
  • Laura Ford, Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Jeffrey Alexander, Yale University
  • Paul Amato, Penn State University
  • Karen Lutfey, Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado Denver
  • Ann Morning, New York University
  • Helga Leitner & Eric Sheppard, Department of Geography, UCLA
  • Nancy Denton, University at Albany
  • Megan Holland, Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo
  • Grace Kao, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jennifer Jihye Chun, University of Toronto
  • Erin Hatton, University at Buffalo
  • Yvonne Zylan, Hamilton College
  • Brenda Moore, University at Buffalo
  • Michal Kaczmarczyk, University of Gdansk (Poland)
  • Daniel Lee Kleinman, University of Wisconsin
  • Zhang Jie, Director of China Studies, Buffalo State College
  • Shelley Kimelberg, Northeastern University
  • Dilek Cindoglu, Bilkent University (Turkey)
  • Carol Heimer, Northwestern University
  • Erin Kelly, University of Minnesota
  • R. Saylor Breckenridge, Wake Forest University
  • Matthew Desmond, Harvard University
  • Sol Picciotto, Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (Spain)
  • Susan Ostrander, Tufts University
  • Allison Pugh, University of Virginia