Dr. Chris Mele Co-Organizes Environmental Justice Conference

Mark your calendars for April 22-23 to join Looking Back, Moving Forward, a 2-day virtual conference co-organized by Professor Chris Mele, critically examining the past, present, and potential future roles of the law and legal strategies to advance environmental justice policy and action.

The conference’s three exciting panels bring together EJ activists, attorneys, and scholars to reflect on the ways that communities, organizations, and thought-leaders are exploring creative and visionary strategies for moving EJ policy and action forward.  Some of the topics we will delve into include multi-racial and cross-class coalition-building, community, solidarity and just transition lawyering, and recent steps such as the formation of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council and the Justice40 initiative to include the voices, perspectives, and expertise of environmental justice communities in the federal policy-making process.

CONFERENCE WEB PAGE: https://ejlawpolicyconference.domains.swarthmore.edu/
CONFERENCE REGISTRATION PAGE: https://swarthmore.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUofumqrzIiHNMJmjLiiuUW23J4RKwzJKpE