Prosem Series for Graduate Students

The proseminar series is organized to jumpstart sociology graduate students’ transition from consumers to producers of knowledge and to foster professional socialization. We encourage all graduate students to attend the weekly proseminars (first year students and funded students are required to attend).

Spring 2020 Proseminar Schedule

Coming soon!

Fall 2019 Proseminar Schedule

  • September 5: Professor Kristen Schultz Lee, “Happiness in Graduate School”
  • September 12: Keith Nichols, UB Libraries, “Understanding and Using the Library”
  • September 19: Professor Ashley Barr, “Academic Life 101”
  • September 26: Professors Jordan Besek and Greg Sharp, “How to Develop a Research Question/Topic”
  • October 3: Professor Robert Adelman, “Working Collaboratively with Faculty”
  • October 10: Professor Chris Dennison, “Tips for Working Smarter”
  • October 17: Professor Veronica Horowitz, “Preparing and Submitting IRB Proposals”
  • October 24: Professor Erin Hatton, “Applied Sociology”
  • November 7: Professor Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk, “All About the Peer Review Process”
  • November 14: Rhonda Reid, UB Writing Center, “Getting to Know the UB Writing Center”
  • November 21: Professor Allison Dwyer Emory, “Writing Policy Briefs for Different Audiences”
  • December 5: Professor Kevin Smiley, “Creating Conference Presentations”