Kate Mackey

Katherine Mackey.

Kate Mackey

Kate Mackey

Research Topics

Exploring forms of communication and agency through movement practice and its use as a bridge between the mind and body split (as set up in Cartesian dualism).

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Kate Mackey is a dancer, maker, choreographer, and researcher. She is a second year MFA Dance student at the State University of New York at Buffalo. At UB, Kate has created several works including "From Stone," performed by undergraduate and graduate dancers in the Fall 2018 MFA Showcase. She has also performed in works by Dr. J. Dellecave, Dr. Ariel Nereson, and guest choreographer Aimee Rials. Kate graduated with her BFA in Dance: Performance and Choreography and a BA in Anthropology from The University of Southern Mississippi in May of 2018, where, just recently, her senior capstone project won the award for best undergraduate paper in anthropology for the 2018-2019 school year.

Kate draws most of the inspiration for her work from the people and places she experiences. Kate loves to travel, even if it's just to a new coffee shop or park down the street! She appreciates every bit of nature and lets the natural phenomenon of the world inspire her physical and choreographic practices.