MFA Handbook

Two groups of dancers on a stage.

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Introduction to MFA in Dance

Graduate study in UB’s Department of Theatre & Dance is comprised of a Theatre & Performance program (MA and PhD) and a Dance program (MFA). The Graduate Studies committee, comprised of the core graduate faculty, oversees the curriculum and administration of the program, headed by a Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and an Associate Director of Graduate Studies (ADGS) who manage their respective programs.

The policies and procedures outlined in this handbook are a program specific supplement to the university’s Graduate School policies and procedures (found on The Graduate School website at, and serve as a resource for both graduate students and their advisors. The policies and requirements listed here are in effect for the entirety of the academic year. The handbook edition that contain the students’ university and degree requirements is determined by their academic year of entry. These policies contain information on official policies and procedures relating to registration, advising, academic standing, degree requirements, and operational standards. All students should consult both handbooks for departmental and university policies.

The MFA Dance program conform to all Graduate School Policies regarding registration, grading, and degree requirements (e.g., those dictating leaves of absence, course resignation, and course attendance, among others). These are available in their complete listing online, although some material may be repeated here for emphasis. Please be sure that you are familiar with these policies. Students should consult the Office of the Registrar for class schedules and academic calendars (including dates for registration, drop/add periods, and class resignations) for related information.

Every effort has been made to ensure consistency with the policies of UB and the Graduate School. In the event of contradiction with established policies, this handbook may be revised accordingly. Students will be informed via the graduate student listserv of any changes or updates to the handbook.