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2021-2022 Season Program: "0° Alcestis," Fall 2021

UB Theatre and Dance Presents: 0° Alcestis, by Ian Downes | Directed by Kaylie Horowitz
November 5, 2021 @ 7:30pm | November 6, 2021 @ 7:30pm | UB Katharine Cornell Theatre


Rachel Koniarczyk.

Rachel Koniarczyk

Rachel Koniarczyk (Dr. Munoz) - Rachel Koniarczyk is a junior theatre: performance BFA student at UB. She was last seen onstage in the fall 2019 SDS production, The Cat in the Hat (Kitten), and also performed in the fall 2020 and spring 2021 theatre: performance BFA program showcases. Rachel is a huge trivia nerd, and she is the secretary of UB Academic Bowl this semester. She would like to thank God and her family and friends for guiding and supporting her as she follows her dreams!

Conley Egnor.

Conley Egnor

Conley Egnor (Adam) - Conley is thrilled to be a part of 0° Alcestis as Adam! Conley is a sophomore Music Theater BFA and SDS is his first production at UB. Conley has worked behind the scenes on Zodiaque and has two Pavilion awards for Best Leading Actor from Cortland Repertory Theatre. Conley would like to thank the cast and crew of 0° Alcestis, his friends and family, and the wonderful faculty of UB. Instagram: conleye_

Taylor Lewis.

Taylor Lewis

Taylor Lewis  (Death/Martinez) - My name is Taylor Lewis, I’m from New York and have lived here my entire life. I’m a Political Science major, minoring in Theatre. I’m in my junior year of college and plan to move forward with Social Justice when I graduate from University. I love film and art in all its aspects as I find storytelling in various forms to be enchanting. I’m thankful for the medium of Theatre as being able to transport oneself into a different world through a character is mind blowing.

Sophia Stines.

Sophia Stines

Sophia Stines  (Allie) – Sophia Stines is a freshman Theatre Performance BFA at the University at Buffalo. She is making her debut at UB as Allie in 0° Alcestis. She is a member of the UB Glee Club, and Food Recovery Network. She is looking forward to working on Violet next semester as the Assistant Stage Manager. She would like to thank everyone involved in 0° Alcestis.  

Ian Downes.

Ian Downes

Ian Downes (Playwright) - Ian Downes (Any Pronouns) is a playwright hailing from Auburn, Alabama. They received a BFA in Performance from Auburn University, and then received a Masters in Theatre from the University of Missouri - Columbia. Their works have been seen at both alma maters as staged readings, and they have had the fortune of several of their ten minute plays being picked up for production for student showcases and community events. find them on New Play Exchange to read more of their work!

Kaylie Horowitz.

Kaylie Horowitz

Kaylie Horowitz (Director) – Kaylie (She/They) is a professional actor and voice actor hailing from central Florida. She holds a BFA in Performance from Auburn University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Theatre Performance at UB. Previous directing credits at Auburn University include The Spider, and In Paris You Will Find Many Baguettes But Only One True Love. She is interested in new play development and served as Director of Digital Content for Quarantined Theatre Company last year. In her spare time, Kaylie enjoys video games, TTRPG campaigns, and spamming the group chat with memes.


A Word From The Playwright

“This play to me is an adaptation by degrees - I started with some base material, and wound my way into this re-imagining of the specter of Death coming to collect against an immortal person. I desire claustrophobia in my plays, with time as a fourth dimension of space that also manages to close in around them. Wrapped up in a discussion about living, the story is still very much about the death of ideas. "A book may end, but it still lives on" becomes the problem of the play, how do we interact with ideas and people still mired in the muck of past, faulty ideologies?”
- Ian Downes

A Word From The Director

“We are facing something never before seen in human history, something powerful beyond belief, somehow nearly seamless in much of our daily existence, and is intangible yet can be felt everywhere you go: the digital archive. No longer do we have to worry about losing information, records, ideas, and the plethora of content that bombards our lives day in and day out. Yet, in a world where we can save anything that we want to, what is actually worth retaining? How can we find value in a world that treats everything with equal lack of value? 0° Alcestis borrows elements from the myth of Alcestis and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cool Air to look at what immortality means for not only people, but for the ideas and values they carry with them through time. Lovecraft, as an example, brought life to a genre that still holds phenomenal influence in pop culture, and yet can we retain the writing of such a person without recognizing the heinous things he said and felt? As we become more familiar with the digital vault, I hope we begin to evaluate the pieces we add to the collection. How can these artifacts help build a better future and how can we become better at determining what ideas have room to grow and which ones might be better off to time?”
- Kaylie Horowitz

Department Chair & Producing Director: Anne Burnidge
Production Manager: Michael A. Formato
Assistant to the Chair: Veronica Sedota
Staff Assistant: Rachel Olszewski
Production Assistant: Rob Falgiano
Academic Manager: Melissa Berg

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UB COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: Participants in the production of this video complied with all relevant university, county, state and federal health and safety requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic as they applied at the time of shooting.


UB Theatre and Dance wishes to acknowledge the generous continued philanthropic support of Fox Run at Orchard Park, and Lake Shore Savings Bank, official 2021-2022 season sponsors, especially in light of the challenges facing Buffalo's vibrant community of performing arts organizations.