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2021-2022 Season Program: "Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry," Spring 2022

UB Theatre and Dance Presents: Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry, by Arlene Hutton | Directed by Tioga Simpson
March 11, 2022 @ 7:30pm | March 12, 2022 @ 7:30pm | UB Katharine Cornell Theatre


Isabella Gomez-Barrientos.

Isabella Gomez-Barrientos

Isabella Gomez-Barrientos (Courtney) - Isabella Gomez-Barrientos is a sophomore Music Theatre major at the University at Buffalo. Gomez-Barrientos made her non-virtual debut here at UB last fall in the university’s production of Red Bike, directed by Victoria Pérez. This is her first Student Directed Series and she couldn’t be happier to share this production with all of you. Isabella would like to thank her family and friends, both near and far, and most importantly, her dogs. Enjoy the show and BELIEVE WOMEN! IG: @isabellagomezbarrientos

Shreya Ambatti.

Shreya Ambatti

Shreya Ambatti (Ashley) - Shreya Ambatti is a sophomore Business Administration major with an emphasis in Marketing. She’s previously been in her high school play festival, New Works New Voices, and the production of Metamorphosis. Now in college, she’s working with Blackstone LaunchPad on her start-up and is a campus ambassador for Prime Student! This is her first time acting during college and she’s excited for this opportunity to explore her interests in Theater again!

Kristen-Marie Lopez.

Kristen-Marie Lopez

Kristen-Marie Lopez (Katelyn) - Kristen-Marie Lopez (she/they) is a senior majoring in Music Theatre. Kristen-Marie has performed in several productions at UB, including Pipeline (Jasmine), Living in a Topsy Turvy World (Lady Blanche/Queen of the Fairies), Everybody(lottery casting), The Threepenny Opera (Vixen), and Gloriana (Mary Queen of Scots). Kristen-Marie would like to thank Dreams Affirmed, friends, family, and teachers! @KristenMarie_1125
You deserve to feel safe, supported, and believed. You are not alone.

E. Lyons.

E. Lyons

E. Lyons  (Percy) - Ella Lyons is a multi-hyphenate artist studying theatre and creative writing at the University at Buffalo. This past spring, Lyons assembled a short poetry collection, “Six for Laika,” containing pieces exploring social transition, and the body’s search for utopia. Outside of their artistic practice, Lyons works as a consultant in UB’s center for excellence in writing. Lyons is also an emerging drag artist, performing as the ‘trash princess,’ Mx. Ology. They are currently writing their first drag short film, with the intention of producing the piece this Summer. You can find more of their drag on Instagram (@mx.ology).

Sophia Stines.

Sophia Stines

Sophia Stines (Miranda) - Sophia Stines is a Theatre Performance BFA Freshman at the University at Buffalo. This is her second performance at UB. She made her debut in last semester’s Student Directed Series as Allie in 0 degrees Alcestis. She is excited to participate in the Student Directed Series again and would like to thank everyone involved in the production. IG: @Soph_1103

Natalie Barcia-Varno.

Natalie Barcia-Varno

Natalie Barcia-Varno (Joey) – Natalie Barcia-Varno is a senior at U.B. pursuing a major in communication and a minor in theatre. Although she has previously been in productions of Titanic, Beauty and the Beast, and Grease, this is, unfortunately, her first and last performance at the university. Outside her theatric endeavors, Barcia-Varno is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a CAS ambassador for the Department of Communication. She would like to thank the cast, Tioga, and Dan, for their dedication to making this show happen and her friends and family for their encouragement.

Conley Egnor.

Conley Egnor

Conley Egnor (Theo) – Conley Egnor is a sophomore Music Theatre BFA at the University at Buffalo. Conley recently made his debut in last semester’s SDS production, 0° Alcestis by Ian Downes. Come see Conley perform in this semester’s production of Violet early May! He would like to thank the cast and crew for making every day and every rehearsal an amazing experience. Enjoy the show! IG: @conleye_

Rahim Dunston.

Rahim Dunston

Rahim Dunston (Jordan) – Rahim Dunston is a Sophomore Theatre Performance Major and a Music Violin Performance minor at the University of Buffalo. In his most recent show, he was an actor in the university’s production of Red Bike, directed by Victoria Pérez. This is his Second Student Directed Series, and he is excited and thankful to have worked with such a great cast. @rahrah_rd

Jessica Snider.

Jessica Snider

Jessica Snider (Dennis) – Jessica Snider is a junior BFA Theatre Performance major, originally from Rochester, NY. In her most recent show, she was an actor in Red Bike, directed by Victoria Perez. This is her first Student Directed Series show. She is elated to be working with this talented cast! She would like to thank her parents for their constant love and support! @jessicasnider_

Derrian Brown.

Derrian Brown

Derrian Brown (Ryan) – Derrian Brown is excited to be embarking on his second production under the direction of Tioga Simpson. In association with Dreams Affirmed, the students of color continuously bring great work and performance to UB and Derrian is glad to be involved. He is a junior Musical Theatre major and some of his major previous credits include Genie in Aladdin and Gomez in Addams Family. He would like to thank all of his supporters and those who contributed to the show. He hopes you enjoy!


Director's Note

“Thank you so much for joining us tonight for Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry. This beautiful one act play by Arlene Hutton tells the story of a group of young people faced with one of the greatest challenges of late childhood: the pitfalls of discovering sexuality.

When I was deciding what play I wanted to submit for the Student Directed Series, this one spoke to me immediately. There is something so entrancing about the use of music, movement, and monologue to tell a story this complicated and personal. This show hits on some difficult topics such as such as sexual assault, harassment, and violence. If you need to leave or take a break in the lobby at anytime, feel free to walk straight out to your right. There will be an usher by the door who will happily help you leave quickly and quietly.

A few things I would like to note for you: This play is non-linear so the order that you see events in is not necessarily the order that they happened in. Sometimes this play is grounded in reality and other times we witness our characters existing on other planes or in other versions of reality. And, sometimes, some of our characters will know that you are watching.

I am so excited for you to see this incredible cast of actors. They come from a variety of majors, acting backgrounds, and levels of experience, but in this show they all stepped up to be the best they could possibly be. We had only 5 weeks from auditions to opening to make this creation together and I could not have had a better crew behind me. I will always look back on this experience and admire their passion, drive, and creativity in the face of every random obstacle the universe could have sent us, and, my oh my, she sent us many. Thank you to each and every one of them, my loves.

In the process of creating this production, I have been so blessed to work with the best partner. Daniel Warman acted as my choreographer, my stage manager, my rehearsal assistant, my lighting designer, my stand in actor, and my rock throughout this whole process. Without him, this would not be happening tonight. No number of thank you’s will ever be enough, but still, thanks Dan.

I would also like to thank my mom, my family and friends, my professors, and my theatre and dance cohort for all of their love and support throughout this process.

Please, enjoy the show. Blessed be!”

- Tioga Simpson

Director/Stage Manager: Tioga Simpson
Stage Manager/Choreographer: Daniel Warman
Faculty Advisor: Kathleen Golde
Assistant Stage Manager: Josie Morgan
Lighting Operation: Tobias Pfluke
Sound Operation: Chris Moriatis

Props: Shreya Ambatti
Prop Assistance: Eve Brunswick
Facial Masculinization Specialist: E. Lyons

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Sexual Assualt Hotline
800-656-HOPE (4673) y

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry is a UB Department of Theatre and Dance Student-Directed Production made possible by the generous support of Abbe Raven and Martin Tackel.

Department Interim Chair & Producing Director: Meredith Conti
Production Manager: Michael A. Formato
Assistant to the Chair: Veronica Sedota
Staff Assistant: Rachel Olszewski
Production Assistant: Rob Falgiano
Academic Manager: Melissa Berg

The UB Department of Theatre and Dance is a proud member of the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

UB COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: Participants in the production of this video complied with all relevant university, county, state and federal health and safety requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic as they applied at the time of shooting.


UB Theatre and Dance wishes to acknowledge the generous continued philanthropic support of Fox Run at Orchard Park, and Lake Shore Savings Bank, official 2021-2022 season sponsors, especially in light of the challenges facing Buffalo's vibrant community of performing arts organizations.