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2021-2022 Season Program: Dancers Workshop, Spring 2022

UB Theatre and Dance Presents: Dancers Workshop
May 13, 2022 @ 7:30pm & May 14, 2022 @ 2pm (NEW TIME) | UB Katharine Cornell Theatre


Do It to It
Choreographer: Kelsey Wegman
Dancers: Rachel Emerling, Katy Maddalina, Gabi Marshall, Carley Swanson, Taylor Rose Williamson
Music: Do It to It (Feat. Sean P) by Cherish

Summertime Magic
Choreographer: Theo
Dancers: Alexa Nanfro, Maddy Temple
Music: Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino

I Don’t Dance
Choreographer: Juliana Guiffrida
Dancers: Derrian Brown, Glen Chitty, Enoch Cray, Henry Elliott, David Eve, Devon Hard, Kenny Harrison, Ryan Nappi, Dan Warman, NJ Wingo
Music: I Don’t Dance by the High School Musical Cast

Choreographers: Timothy Mayberry & Karrigan Rotella
Dancers: Ruby Abraham, Sarah Gualano, Juliana Hassouna, Ilana Kelesidi, Gia Maresca, Leah McNerney, Ella Sampson, Theo
Music: Awaken (Feel Alive) by Big Wild and Surfaces

light in the storm
Choreographers: Sophia Fino & Nina Tucker
Dancers: Michaela Bradley, Jada Blue, Tari Civerolo, Lily Colligan, Breanna Duchatellier, Morgan Mahoney, Mia Pierce, Nicolette Smith, Katie Stanley
Music: The Train by James Newton Howard, Good Night, Day by Johann Johannsson, Hildur Guonadottir, Air Lyndhurst

It’s Raining Men
Choreographer: Samantha Tilley
Dancers: Sidney Bowers, Neyda Colon-Dimaria, Sarah Gualano, Juliana Hassouna, Keylee Napierada, Mackenzie Pederson, Karina Wakulchuk
Music: It’s Raining Men by DeathByRomy

Amidst the Chaos
Choreographer: Natasha Skidmore
Dancers: Jennifer Bullis, Emma Deforest, Sophia Fino, Morgan Mahoney, Mia Pierce, Karrigan Rotella, Ella Sampson, Haley Sanders, Katie Stanley, Lucy Williamson
Music: Saint Honesty by Sara Bareilles

We’re in the Chips
Choreographer: Maya Calvo
Dancers: Mia Gionis, Juliana Guiffrida, Amanda Healey, Shania Simko
Music: (Let’s Start) Tomorrow Tonight by Leslie Odom Jr, from SMASH

When You Love Somebody
Choreographers: Delia Mandik & Katy Maddalina
Dancers: Jenna Armband, Enoch Cray, Breanna Duchatellier, Juliana Hassouna, Rebecca Leonard, Leah McNerney, Nicolette Smith
Music: I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James

River Deep, Mountain High
Choreographer: Alisa Guiffrida
Dancers: Jada Blue, Mia Dischiano, Breanna Duchatellier, Rachel Emerling, Keylee Napierala, Natasha Skidmore
Music: River Deep, Mountain High by the Glee Cast

Choreographer: Melanie Kaisen
Dancers: Jenna Armband, Shannon Brien, Derrian Brown, Jennifer Bullis, Alissa Dabrowski, David Eve, Isabella Guerrucci, Sophia Izzo, JJ Kassem-Lopez, Brooke Leary, Ryan Nappi, Dan Warman
Music: Komoko by The Beach Boys

To Change
Choreographer: Lyssie Hartzog
Dancers: UB Dance Class of 2022💙
Music: Summer by Hayden Calnin


Good Days
Choreographer: Kyle Kershner
Dancers: Stephanie Avila, Kiara Cieslinski, Abby Hankinson, Delia Mandik, Katy Maddalina, Christina Tribo, NJ Wingo
Music: Good Days by SZA

I Want to Dance with the Queen
Choreographer: Kelsey Sullivan
Dancers: Derrian Brown, Jennifer Bullis, Emma Deforest, Isabella Guerrucci, Sophia Izzo, L Kannamma, Rebecca Leonard, Gia Maresca, Ryan Nappi, Sarah Polakos, Lauren Saab, Jessica Snider
Music: Dancing Queen by Abba, I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

Choreographer: Brennah Woollis
Dancers: Mia Dischiano, Emma Deforest, Alisa Guiffrida, Vic Hyl, Gianna Militello, Keylee Napierala, Sarah Polakos, Maddy Temple, Karina Wakulchuk
Music: Technologic by Daft Punk

A Groove for Seven
Choreographer: Sidney Bowers
Dancers: Devon Hard, Kyle Kershner, Rebecca Leonard, Haley Sanders, Shania Simko, Kiara Stuart, Hayley Timberlake
Music: Wonder by Hillsong United (acoustic version)

Rock + Roll
Choreographer: Kiara Stuart
Dancers: Tari Civerolo, Lily Colligan, Jen Gorcheck, Abby Hankinson, Amanda Healey, Leah McNerney, Ariana Mullin, Sarah Polakos, Ella Sampson, Maddie Sipowicz, Carley Swanson, Samantha Tilley
Music: Rock + Roll by Eden

Euphor Lost
Choreographer: Ruby Abraham
Dancers: Melanie Kaisen, Taylor Rose Williamson
Music: Euphor by Novo Amor

Choreographer: Karina Wakulchuk
Dancers: Mallory Greenberg, Lauren Saab, Maddie Sipowicz, Katie Stanley, Kelsey Sullivan, Fallon Tuholski, Kelsey Wegman
Music: Movement by Hozier

Love Is Patience
Choreographer: James Caposito
Dancers: Mia Gionis, Christina Tribo
Music: Is This Love by Bob Marley

Choreographer: Michaela Bradley
Dancers: Jada Blue, Neyda Colon-Dimaria, Jen Gorcheck, Mallory Greenberg, Lyssie Hartzog, Vic Hyl, Ava Lovsin, Gianna Militello
Music: Corny by Rema

Simple But Effective
Choreographer: Kiara Cieslinski
Dancers: Jenna Armband, Lauren Saab, Jessica Snider, Nicolette Smith
Music: Best Song Ever by One Direction

The Sweet Escape
Choreographer: Stephanie Avila
Dancers: Maya Calvo, Mallory Greenberg, Lyssie Hartzog, Ava Lovsin, Kelly Quinn, Celia Ramos, Hayley Timberlake
Music: The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani

Bows: Jazzy’s Jams
Choreographers: Kelsey Wegman (Freshmen), Maya Calvo (Sophomores), Stephanie Avila (Juniors), Melanie Kaisen (Seniors)
Dancers: Dancer’s Workshop Cast
Music: Get it Shawty (Main) by Lloyd, Love by Keyshia Cole, Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls, Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here (Dance Version) by Deborah Cox, Last Dance by Donna Summers, edited by Kyle Kershner

Our final bows are dedicated to the founders of Dancer’s Workshop, Joyce Miller Litchtenberger and Shelly Hain. Thank you both for creating a show that brings the UB community together through dance! It has been an honor continuing your legacy on this very special 45th anniversary. We wish you both the best on your retirement. Enjoy our final bow danced to some of Jazzy Joyce’s most iconic jams!

- Ava, Julianna, & the cast of DW


Mike Formato
Eve Brunswick
Devon Hard
Jonathan Irizarry
UB Dance Faculty
Robert Falgiano
Past Directors
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Friends & Family

Department Chair & Producing Director: Anne Burnidge
Production Manager: Michael A. Formato
Assistant to the Chair: Veronica Sedota
Staff Assistant: Rachel Olszewski
Production Assistant: Rob Falgiano
Academic Manager: Melissa Berg

The UB Department of Theatre and Dance is a proud member of the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

UB COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: Participants in the production of this video complied with all relevant university, county, state and federal health and safety requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic as they applied at the time of shooting.


UB Theatre and Dance wishes to acknowledge the generous continued philanthropic support of Fox Run at Orchard Park, and Lake Shore Savings Bank, official 2021-2022 season sponsors, especially in light of the challenges facing Buffalo's vibrant community of performing arts organizations.