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2021-2022 Season Program: Emerging Choreographers Showcase, Fall 2021

UB Theatre and Dance Presents: Emerging Choreographers Showcase
Directed by Joyce Lichtenberger
Assistant to the Director: Kelsey Wegman
Design Supervision by Lynne Koscielniak

November 6, 2021 2:00pm & 7:30pm
November 7, 2021 2:00pm

PRODUCTION DESIGNERS: Jacob Clouse, Johnathan Dodds, Isabella Fortunato, Annie Pascucci, Katja Rabus, Nicholas J. Taboni

CHOREOGRAPHERS: Ruby Abraham, Abby Cass, Lyssie Hartzog, Timothy Mayberry, Karrigan Rotella, Theo, Samantha Tilley, Christina Tribo

DANCERS: Stephanie Avila, Rachel Bakowski, Sidney Bowers, Michaela Bradley, Shannon Brien, Maya Calvo, Kiara Cieslinski, Sophia Fino, Jen Gorcheck, Sarah Gualano, Alisa Guiffrida, Juliana Guiffrida, Abby Hankinson, Devon Hard, Kenny Harrison, Amanda Healey, Victoria-Rose Hyl, Melanie Kaisen, Kyle Kershner, Rebecca Leonard, Olivia Lopez, Ava Lovsin, Katy Maddalina, Morgan Mahoney, Della Mandik, Gia Maresca, Gabi Marshall, Leah McNerney, Gianna Militello, Ariana Mullin, Alexa Nanfro, Ryan Nappi, MacKenzie Pedersen, Mia Pierce, Madison-Mei Pryce, Kelly Quinn, Celia Ramos, Lauren Saab, Ella Sampson, Haley Sanders, Shania Simko, Maddie Sipowicz, Natasha Skidmore, Katie Stanley, Kelsey Sullivan, Maddy Temple, Samantha Tilley, Hayley Timberlake, Fallon Tuholski, Karina Wakulchuk, Kelsey Wegman, Taylor Rose Williamson

Act I

Secrecy, Silence, and Judgment
Choreographer: Christina Tribo
Lighting Design: Jonathan Dodds
Dancers: Sidney Bowers, Amanda Healey, Delia Mandik, Haley Sanders, Shania Simko, Maddie Sipowicz, Katie Stanley, Hayley Timberlake, Kelsey Wegman
Music: "Signal to Noise" by Scott Buckey, “The Age of Wood” by Savfk
“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.” - Brené Brown

Choreographer: Ruby Abraham
Lighting Design: Johnathan Dodds
Dancers: Stephanie Avila, Maya Calvo, Juliana Guiffrida, Devon Hard, Kenny Harrison, Olivia Lopez, Celia Ramos, Ella Sampson, Maddy Temple, Samantha Tilley
Music: “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Frank Sinatra, “Unlimited” by Megan Wofford
Music Edits: Ruby Abraham

a many-layered thing
Choreographer: Abby Cass with improvisations by Dancers
Lighting Design: Katja Rabus
Dancers: Sarah Gualano, Katy Maddalina, Morgan Mahoney, Delia Mandik, Mackenzie Pedersen, Natasha Skidmore
Music: “soundFORMovement - Body Becomes the Measure Section 2” by Michael Wall
“let yourself be a many-layered thing” -butterflies rising

Slow Burn
Choreographer: Samantha Tilley
Lighting Design: Katja Rabus
Dancers: Shannon Brien, Melanie Kaisen, Kyle Kershner, Leah McNerney, Ariana Mullin, Kelly Quinn,
Fallon Tuholski, Karina Wakulchuk
Music: “50s Lucky Day Vocal Commercial” by J.P. Smid and M. Smid, “Film Noir” and “Detective Jazz” by Tim Carlos, “Why Don’t You Do Right” by Peggy Lee and Benny Goodman, “Fever” by Peggy Lee
Music Edits: Samantha Tilley

Act II

The Exiled
Choreographer: Theo
Lighting Design: Johnathan Dodds
Dancers: Michaela Bradley, Alisa Guiffrida, Haley Sanders, Victoria-Rose Hyl, Ryan Nappi
Music: “[Boom SFX] air effect 1 by”, “[Boom SFX] air effect 2”, “[Misc] Weird Techno Pack 1 (Complete) » [SFX] ambience 1 (silent hill style background)” by old_waveplay, “whoosh04.wav” by FreqMan, “mnml loops » this train is really fast.wav” by fons
Music Edits: Theo
“A world that can be explained even with bad reasons is a familiar world. But, on the other hand, in a universe suddenly divested of illusions and lights, man feels an alien, a stranger. His exile is without remedy since he is deprived of the memory of a lost home or the hope of a promised land.” - The Myth of Sisyphus Albert Camus

Choreographers: Timothy Mayberry and Karrigan Rotella
Lighting Design: Annie Pascucci
Dancers: Rachel Bakowski, Jen Gorcheck, Sarah Gualano, Abby Hankinson, Rebecca Leonard, Gia Maresca, Alexa Nanfro,Madison-Mei Pryce, Lauren Saab
Music: “Embrace All Your Feelings” and “How to Conquer Fear” by Alan Watts, “Tinder”, “Fracture”, and “Feathered” by Origamibiro (Denovali Records)
Music Arrangement: Karrigan Rotella
“Life implies death, or shall I say death implies life” - Alan Watts

Your Way
Choreographer: Lyssie Hartzog
Lighting Design: Katja Rabus
Projection Design: Nicholas J. Taboni
Dancers: Kiara Cieslinski, Sophia Fino, Ava Lovsin, Gabi Marshall, Gianna Militello, Mia Pierce, Kelsey Sullivan, Karina Wakulchuk, Taylor Rose Williamson
Music: “Close to you” by 30HertzBeats and “Outta Time (INSTRUMENTAL)" *reprod*” by Missy Mauri - Edited by Jokr
“To be lost is as legitimate a part of your process as being found.” – Alex Ebert

Bows - Choreographers and Dancers
Staging: Joyce Lichtenberger and Kelsey Wegman
Lighting Design: Isabella Fortunato
Music: “Fun”-nc-014 by Musway Studio
Voice Artist: James Caposito

Emerging Choreographers Showcase provides a wonderful means for artistic collaboration here at UB. The talents of our UB dance majors meld with our creative design tech students to produce work that is both innovative and relevant. Embracing Action is the culmination of this process and a glorious celebration of our return to the stage. Congratulations to all!

Stage Manager: Isabella Fortunato
Technical Director & Lighting Director: Timothy “TJ” Wildow
Head Electrician: Jonathan Dodds
1st Assistant Stage Manager: Alaina Herman
2nd Assistant Stage Manager: Cameron Thompson
Light Board Operator: Quinn Petkus
Sound & Projection Operator: Lowden Flower
Gel Changers: Hummyra Rahimi & Brennah Woollis
Fly Crew: Julie Mahoney & Ella Lyons
Dresser Supervisor: Katie Lloyd
Dressers: Delia Mandik, Ella Sampson & Taylor Rose Williamson

Department Information Technologists: Jacob Clouse, Kaja Rubus
Department Video: Nicholas J. Taboni
Department  Sound  Supervisor: Jacob Clouse
Department Costume Assistants: Sophie McGuire, Annie Pascucci
Department Painter: Katja Rubus
Department Props: Eve Brunswick
Department Carpenter: Isabella Fortunato
Depawrtment Technical Director & Season Graphics Designer: Timothy “TJ” Wildow
Technicians: Noah Beckwith, Olivier Bijoux, John Brubacker, Aneesah Karam & Julia Murphy

Jenna Del Monte Zavrel, Joyce Lichtenberger, Jeanne Palmer Fornarola, Kerry Ring and Michael Deeb Weaver

Tom Burke, Dyan Burlingame, Judy Curtis, Cindy Darling, Erich Frank, Rick Haug, Lynne Koscielniak, Melinda J. Lamoreux, Donna Massimo, Catherine F. Norgen, Jon Shimon, Tom Tucker

Technical Director: Dave Jordan
Production Manager: Elizabeth Patrick
Head Electrician: Harry Mandris
Head Electrician: Patty Rihn
Head Carpenter: John Rickus
Audio Video Technician: Josh Piatov
Audio Engineer: Mark Shotwell

James Caposito, Kathleen Golde

Ken Smith

Executive Director: Jamie Enser
Director of Events: Katherine Trapanovski
Facilities Manager: Vince Harzewski

Department Chair & Producing Director: Anne Burnidge
Production Manager: Michael A. Formato
Assistant to the Chair: Veronica Sedota
Staff Assistant: Rachel Olszewski
Production Assistant: Rob Falgiano
Academic Manager: Melissa Berg
Director of Photography: Paul Calandra
Production Associate: Sean Krueger

Melanie Aceto, Anne Burnidge, Michael Deeb Weaver, Jenna Del Monte Zavrel, Jeanne Palmer Fornarola, Chanon Judson, Joyce Miller Lichtenberger, Ariel Nereson, Thomas Ralabate, Kerry Ring

Thomas A. Burke, Dyan Burlingame, Cindy Darling, Judy Curtis, Erich Frank, Rick Haug, Lynne Koscielniak, Melinda J. Lamoreux, Donna Massimo, Catherine F. Norgren, Jon Shimon, Tom Tucker

The UB Department of Theatre and Dance is a proud member of the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

UB COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: Participants in the production of this video complied with all relevant university, county, state and federal health and safety requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic as they applied at the time of shooting.


UB Theatre and Dance wishes to acknowledge the generous continued philanthropic support of Fox Run at Orchard Park, and Lake Shore Savings Bank, official 2021-2022 season sponsors, especially in light of the challenges facing Buffalo's vibrant community of performing arts organizations.