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2021-2022 Season Program: MFA Dance Showcase, Fall 2021

UB Theatre and Dance Presents: MFA Dance Showcase

Directed by Meg Kirchoff

Lighting Design by Tony Rajewski

November 19 - 20, 2021 7:30pm

Anna Caison Boyd, Abby Cass, Jacqueline Cherry, Meg Kirchhoff, Samantha Schmeer, Natasha McCandless, Hannah Walter

Anna Caison Boyd, Abby Cass, Jacqueline Cherry, Tari Civerolo, Isabella Guerrucci, Olivia Lopez, Delia Mandik, Gabi Marshall, Natasha McCandless, Leah McNerney, Kelly Quinn, Celia Ramos, Samantha Schmeer, Shania Simko, Samantha Tilley, Hayley Timberlake, Fallon Tuholski, Hannah Walter, NJ Wingo

Act I

. . . please stop looking at me
Choreographer: Abby Cass
Dancer: Abby Cass
Music: "Show Off" by Greg Morrison and Lisa Lambert 

Failing Up
(in progress showing)

Choreographer, Dancer & Sound Designer: Jacqueline Cherry

Rock Me
Choreographer: Anna Caison Boyd
Dancers: Isabella Guerrucci, Olivia Lopez, Delia Mandik, Leah McNerney, Shania Simko
Music: “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker

Choreographer: Hannah Walter
Dancer: Hannah Walter
Music: “My Name” by 2 nd Moon, “My Name Reprise” by 2 nd Moon
“It is in the turmoil of chaos that we discover what, if anything, we are.” - Orson Scott Card

Choreographer: Natasha McCandless
Dancer: Tari Civerolo, Samantha Tilley, NJ Wingo
Music: “Sailing Ship” by Michael Ghelfi, “Rime of The Ancient Mariner (Instrumental)” by Iron Maiden
Inspired by excerpts of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Albatross explores themes of community, discord, death, and rebirth. “He’ll shrieve my soul, he’ll wash away/The Albatross’s blood.”

Act II

A durational fold in experience . . . (or I encourage you to continue to feel weird)
Concept and Direction: Meg Kirchhoff
Collaborative Choreography and Performance: Anna Caison Boyd, Abby Cass, Gabi Marshall, Natasha McCandless, Kelly Quinn, Celia Ramos, Samantha Schmeer, Hayley Timberlake
Music Composition and Performance: Thomas Little
This piece is a work in progress version of Meg Kirchhoff’s Thesis project which will be presented in its entirety in April during the MFA Thesis Concert. The work is being created in collaboration with the dancers and composer Thomas Little. It explores the notion of intra-activity, or the inseparability and entangled nature of living through an attention to sensation and shared space.

bones will linger
Choreographer: Samantha Schmeer
Dancer: Fallon Tuholski
Music: “Quiet Resource” by Evelyn Stein
Stemming from the dark romantic literary tradition, this work combines movement with nature and macabre elements to explore ideas of permanence.

Order My Steps
(in progress showing

Choreographer, Dancer & Sound Designer: Jacqueline Cherry

All That
Conceptual and Choreographic Collaborators: Anna Caison Boyd, Abby Cass, Samantha Schmeer
Dancers: Anna Caison Boyd, Abby Cass, Samantha Schmeer
Music: Sound: “Overture/All That Jazz” written by Fred Ebb (edited by Samantha Schmeer)

Faculty Mentor: Jeanne Palmer Fornarola
Instructional Staff Technician: Jonathan Irizarry
Design and Technology Staff: Tom Tucker
Student Photographer: Kara Skrubis
Student Videographers: Department Of Media Studies
Season Graphics Designer: Timothy “TJ” Wildow

Department Chair & Producing Director: Anne Burnidge
Production Manager: Michael A. Formato
Assistant to the Chair: Veronica Sedota
Staff Assistant: Rachel Olszewski
Production Assistant: Rob Falgiano
Academic Manager: Melissa Berg
Graduate Administrative Assistant: Sam Schmeer

Melanie Aceto, Anne Burnidge, Michael Deeb Weaver, Jenna Del Monte Zavrel, Jeanne Palmer Fornarola, Chanon Judson, Joyce Miller Lichtenberger, Ariel Nereson, Thomas Ralabate, Kerry Ring

Cindy Darling, Rob Falgiano, Mike Formato, Ariel Nereson

UB Theatre and Dance wishes to acknowledge the generous, continued philanthropic support of Fox Run at Orchard Park and Lake Shore Savings Bank, official 2021-2022 season sponsors, especially in light of the challenges facing Buffalo’s vibrant community of performing arts organizations.

The UB Department of Theatre and Dance is a proud member of the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

UB College of Arts and Sciences participants in the production complied with all relevant university, county, state and federal health and safety requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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