THD Students Honored with College and SUNY Awards and Distinctions This Year

Published May 2, 2022

Sydné Jackson and TJ Wildow.

Sydné Jackson and TJ Wildow

Heartfelt congratulations to all of the Theatre and Dance students who have received College and SUNY awards and distinctions this year!

Sydné Jackson (pictured) – SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence – to be honored at the Celebration of Student Excellence Awards Ceremony on April 27.

TJ Wildow (pictured) – Theatre and Dance Outstanding Senior Award.

Rachel Bakowski – Geology Outstanding Senior Award (BA Dance double major).

Nicholas Taboni, Ruby Abraham, and the team of Maya Calvo, Mia Gionis and Melanie Kaisen - selected to present posters at the Celebration of Student Excellence Student Showcase.

THD students in "Salaryman".

THD students in "Salaryman"

An additional announcement from Clinical Associate Professor Kerry Ring: “I am excited to share that guest artist Take Ueyama's ‘Salaryman’ (excerpts) has been selected for the American College Dance Association's National At-Large Virtual Gala! The ACDA National Gala Concert B will be streamed on Sunday May 1st at 4:00pm.”

2022 ACDA At-Large Virtual Adjudication:

“I’m so proud of our dancers and their solid commitment to the work! Thrilled we had the guest artist funding to bring Take Ueyama and Lynda Senisi to UB to set this dynamic piece. Grateful for the collaboration with Design & Technology students Isabella Fortunato (Projection) and Sophie McGuire (Lighting Design), under the mentorship of Lynne Koscielniak.

“Congratulations to UB Dance for performing on a National (virtual) stage!”