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The University at Buffalo is monitoring the COVID-19 (the disease caused by the novel coronavirus) situation carefully and is taking proactive and prudent measures to ensure the health and safety of the UB community in accordance with the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Details.

Recent News

Lumagination, 2019.

Like all Theatre and Dance graduate students, Yao Kahlil Newkirk’s studies and thesis were disrupted by the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 and UB’s transition to distance education. Fortunately, Newkirk recently performed and successfully defended his thesis project over video conferencing software. It was designed as an art installation and performance art piece titled “fUNhOUSE,”<embed link to his website (not directly to “Funhouse”) here:>  to earn a Masters Degree in Theatre Performance.


When Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Danielle Rosvally conceived of a new literary-theater course to explore the boundaries of what qualifies as a theatrical space with regard to the works of William Shakespeare, she had no way of knowing quite how “unconventional” performing arts presentation would become due to Covid-19. Dr. Rosvally and her students have taken the opportunity to put the questions posed in her new Place and Space in Shakespeare class into practice in the digital medium as a result of the transition to distance learning.


Creative problem solving is a strength of nearly everyone who works in and studies the performing arts. With modest resources as the norm, through an abundance of innovation, creative artists and students find ways to get things done under challenging circumstances and on tight schedules. UB’s unavoidable mid-semester transition to distance learning has been a hurdle, but students in Theatre and Dance Costume Shop Manager Donna Massimo’s Costume Construction / TH 107 introductory course have made the most of the opportunities presented.


Today we are celebrating our incredible seniors. Thank you for your energy, your passion, your commitment and your hard work. We are so lucky to have known you, to have watched your grow, and we cannot wait to see where you will go next. 


During this period of uncertainty, dance majors in faculty professor Tom Ralabate’s DAC 442 / Choreography 2 course are making different kinds of choices. As class work continues in the digital realm students are encouraged to further trust their creative instincts, to return to the core, while retuning to their bodies.  “They’re finding interesting new ways of moving,” said Ralabate. “They were propelled to make these choices under the circumstances.”


UB alumnus Alan Zweibel, a five-time Emmy Award-winning original writer for “Saturday Night Live,” inaugurated the College of Arts and Sciences’ Visiting Professor in the Arts endowment in February 2020 with the start of a residency project at UB which included fourteen students from Theatre and Dance (THD) professor Maria Horne’s Theatre Workshop / Creative Research Lab. The multi-disciplinary project was initiated by UB Arts Collaboratory, which cultivates creative exchanges among arts disciplines.


Community Takes the Stage - In celebration of our birthday every year, we invite Buffalo’s creative community to pitch stimulating and thought-provoking “shorts” of their take on March’s global CreativeMornings theme. This year, that theme is ‘Identity’, we had our largest submission pool yet, and selected these folks to share their interpretation of the theme as it relates to creativity. Featuring three speakers, including Naila Ansari (MFA).