Going GloBULL with UB Theatre and Dance - Testimonial by UBTHD Student Alexis Miller

Alexis goes GloBULL in London Study Abroad.

Published November 11, 2020

Alex Goes GloBull.

Undergraduate Alexis Miller recently provided photographs of her academic experiences in England as part of associate professor Maria Horne's popular THD Study Abroad Programs in Ireland and the United Kingdom. You can vote for Alexis's photos in the GloBULL Exhibition by University at Buffalo Study Abroad Programs. (Her photos are numbers 60 - 62 out of 100. And have been featured in this article) 

Alexis Goes GloBull.

Alexis provided a testimonial to accompany her photo entries:

“To say that this has been the experience of a lifetime is an understatement. I believe that experiencing the world in such a hands-on matter is so important because the best way to learn about anything is to experience it headfirst. As someone who is aspiring to work in theatre, this experience was invaluable as I got to see 13 different shows and experience what I love in another country. One of the coolest parts of this trip is that I was able to fit a semester’s worth of exploring into two weeks. I rode the London Eye at sunset, I went to the Camden Market and ate my body weight in dessert, went to the Harry Potter Studios and saw Hogwarts in person, saw more shows in two weeks than people see in their entire lifetime, and went to many different museums and markets. And the best part of it all was that I got to experience this with some of my best friends in the world. I am forever grateful to UB Study Abroad, UB Theatre and Dance, and Maria and Chelsea Horne for helping provide me with the greatest experience of my entire life.”

Please note that these photos were taken before the Covid-19 pandemic.