African and African American Studies 50th Anniversary Celebration Event Details

50th Anniversary event.

50th Anniversary Program

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


9:00-9:30              Welcome–Dr. Cecil Foster

9:30-9:45            Introduction of Guest Speaker – Dr. Lillian Williams

9:45-10:45           Keynote Address – Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, Professor

                                African American Studies, Duke University

                                Title of Talk “If You Don’t Own the [Servers]”: Curating + Aggregating +

                                Doing Black Studies in the Digital Era

10:45-11:45            Chairs’ Panel

                            Dr. Cecil Foster, Chair, Transnational Studies

                            Dr. Lillian S. Williams, Former Chair, African and African American Studies

                            Professor James Pappas, Former Chair, African and African American Studies

                            Topic: History of African American Studies at UB

11:45-12:00            Break

    12:00-1:00             Lunch Panel

                             Puerto Rican Studies: Dalia Muller (Department of History and Associate Dean,

                            Undergraduate Education), Casimiro Rodriguez, (former student, Puerto Rican Studies)

                            Native American and Indigenous Studies: Donald Grinde (Professor, Transnational


                            Minority Faculty and Staff Association: Linwood Roberts (President, MFSA)

1:00-1:30              Dawoud Sabu Adeyola (community activist and UB adjunct professor)

                                Importance of Africana Studies in the Academy

1:30-3:00              Concurrent Sessions

                            Graduate Panel –Taylor Coleman, Stephine Hunt, Emily Novak, James Ponzo,

                            Gina Lucantoni, and Mitsuyoshi Shiraki

                            Undergraduate Panel—Asli Ali, Leah Barney, Zachary Shackelford, and

                            Kelly Ann Swartz

                            Alumni Panel

                            James Ponzo, Centrell Smith, and Angela Wright

3:00-5:00              Sopia Azeb, University of Chicago

                                “Transnational Black Study, Translational Black Space”

                             Damien Marassa, Duke University

                                “Quilombismo: Abdias do Nascimento, Black Letters, and the Black Press in Brazil”

                             African American Studies Majors and Black Student Union Representatives