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Strategic Plan

Hire 3 ladder faculty during 2016-2017. We propose to search and hire 4 positions in the next two years. For the first set of hires, we want to bring in the best scholars in the areas of speech science, neurogenic, voice and/or and children’s speech and language disorders. These individuals would be able to cover the large lecture undergraduate and graduate coursework that are currently taught via by others in the university and from the community.  Two positions should be junior faculty and one should be senior.  We need another senior faculty member to be able to take on administrative responsibilities, including the department chair position. For the 4th position, we would like to recruit a scientist with interest in human speech and language perception. That position could also be junior faculty.

Transfer the Speech and Hearing Clinic from a not-for-profit corporation to CAS/UB. As requested by the college, CDS is in the process of moving the financial operation of the clinic from a not-for-profit corporation to CAS. As part of the transformation, the clinic needs to be in full HIPAA compliance, of which it is in the process of doing. To note, this process has been complicated, particularly by shifting university HIPAA priorities and procedures.  We are in the process of preparing for the initial HIPAA audit/gap analysis. Our goal is to be HIPAA complient by the end of the 2016 fall semester.

Bolster our clinical training program in the development of scientist-practitioners / Increase local and national recognition for clinical training and service, and clinical research efforts.  A goal of the department is to upgrade the clinical training proficiency of current faculty members in the area of evidence-based practice. With respect to this goal, we have been redeveloping the clinical training program over the past 36 months, holding information and training sessions for faculty and instituting clinical policies to promote the use of evidence-based therapies.