Clinical Training

The Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic and the Department of Communicative Disorders are accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation for audiology and speech-language pathology. Our clinical training program provides graduate students in speech-language pathology and in audiology with the opportunity to fulfill the supervised clinical practicum requirements leading to:

1. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's Certificate of Clinical Competence
2. New York State Professional Licensure

About the Program

The Au.D. program has a strong applied emphasis. An extensive clinical program is in operation throughout the year. Clinical practicum experience is provided each semester. The department believes that clinical competence is strengthened by the application of theory and research. Extensive evaluation and rehabilitation experiences with a variety of communication disorders in both children and adults are closely correlated with coursework.

During the first year of the Au.D. program, students are closely supervised as they work with patients. As students develop more expertise, clinical judgment, and confidence, they assume more responsibility with a greater degree of independence for case management.

Supervised Practicum

In the university clinic setting, students are provided with diagnostic, therapeutic, and counseling experiences with clients who have a wide range of communicative disorders. Students work under the close supervision of faculty with different areas of clinical expertise as they gain experience in a wide range of audiological practice.

Practical focus on audiological assessment, including basic pure tone and speech tests, immittance and otoacoustic emissions audiometry, electrophysiological testing, balance assessment, hearing aid evaluations, and central auditory processing assessments. Students also engage in hearing aid fitting and aural rehabilitation. Faculty work with students on an individual basis to help them develop clinical insight and attain the techniques and skills necessary for clinical diagnosis and therapy.

As students gain clinical competence, they are assigned supervised practicum experiences in multiple off-campus health-care and/or educational cooperative training facilities. In these settings, they see individuals with variety of disorders and continue to expand their knowledge and expertise in specialized areas.

The range and diversity of clinical training experiences acquired during graduate study qualify students for professional employment in a variety of settings once they have completed the Au.D. degree requirements.

Also see the Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic.

Practicum Placements

  • Amherst Audiological Services
  • Audiological Services Associates
  • Aurora Audiology
  • Erie I BOCES
  • Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center
  • Buffalo Otolaryngology Group
  • Children's Hospital of Buffalo
  • Delaware Audiology
  • Hearing & Speech Center of WNY
  • Hearing Evaluation Services
  • Lockport Hearing Consultants
  • Niagara County Speech & Hearing Center
  • Niagara Rehabilitation Center
  • Rochester Hearing & Speech Center
  • St Mary's School for the Deaf
  • Suburban Hearing Services
  • Summit Academy
  • Veterans Administration Medical Center