Contact Us

For information about the Center for Cognitive Science and its members, please contact:

Gail Mauner 
Director, Center for Cognitive Science
386B Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260
(716) 645-0219


Baldy Hall 651-655: The Center for Cognitive Science main office suite, readily accessible to most of the participating departments.

Room 651: Equipment room with computational, printing, and audio-visual equipment.

Room 652: Office of the Administrative Assistant, Ms. Heike Jones.

Rooms 653 and 654: These rooms have been combined into a single larger conference room that can accommodate roughly twenty-five people. The Center Library is also housed there. This room is used for most CogSci committee meetings, many research group meetings, and a number of seminars, as well as by individuals using the library.

Room 655: Office space for students supported by the Center and visiting scholars. The room also houses the PowerMac donated to the Center by Apple, that is available for use to members of the cognitive science community. Finally, an outdoor patio opposite the suite of offices is furnished and used socially during warm months.