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Anne Fortman

Anne Fortman

Congratulations to Anne (particle physics) and Tyler (theoretical physics) for winning NSF Graduate Research Fellowships !
Our esteemed faculty currently include nine NSF Career award-winners.
Please join us in congratulating Anne Fortman on receiving the 2017 Goldwater Scholarship!
Graduate student Geoffrey Fatin received a perfect physics GRE score in 2016. Congratulations, Geoffrey! We hope your accomplishment encourages future students to study up – it can be done!

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Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Om Bahethi and Mrs. Saraswati Bahethi, the Department of Physics has given out three Om and Saraswati Bahethi Scholarship for PhD Students, two scholarship for Masters Students, and one Undergraduate Scholarship.

Scientists have improved the performance of magnetic nanoparticles designed to roast and destroy tumors.


UB scientists contributed to the research, which confirms predictions but leaves open prickly questions about the nature of the universe.


Program encourages collaboration among researchers, while serving as a springboard to external funding.


Director of UB’s RENEW Institute and SUNY Empire Innovation Professor, Goyal was cited for advances in materials science and superconducting materials.

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