Shantese Wilkinson

Shantese Wilkinson.

Shantese Renee Wilkinson holds a masters' degree in Global Gender Studies. Her overall studies with the department is reflective of her thesis topic: interrogating the ways that Toni Morrison uses the characters in The Bluest Eye to respond to white supremacy.

Shantese's current focus is on African-American girls and women in the United States within the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition to work with the department, she is a substitute teacher with Buffalo Public Schools and Erie 1 BOCES, as well as a volunteer with Erie County Democratic Committee. Shantese's current endeavors were triggered by her research and contributions to papers in Literature and Language conferences during her tenure with SUNY Old Westbury, where she graduated with a bachelor of arts in English: Literature and Language in 2013.

Awards and Honors

  • Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship, UB
Shantese with President Tripathi.

President Tripathi congratulates Shantese at the 2018 Graduate Commencement Ceremony

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  • 9/13/19
    "The GGS program fostered an incredible community of emerging graduate scholars over the years I was there. I admire the long history of Women's Studies at UB and was fortunate to be able to build upon that legacy both in the classroom and the streets of Buffalo."
  • 11/30/18
    "My dissertation exists at the collision of feminist, queer and literary theories in order to develop and examine new reading methodologies that arise in response to gendered traumas to argue reading is an experiential learning process that is both revolutionary and reparative."
  • 6/11/18
    "I owe my success to the department. I started traveling across the world after joining the department. I have never stopped."
  • 11/30/18
    "After getting my MA at the University at Buffalo, I went on to get my PhD in Sociology at Brandeis University, which was my top choice of schools at the time. I am currently a professor of criminal justice at California State University, Sacramento."
  • 6/11/18
    "Currently I am working as an Assistant Professor with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). For the studies of arts and humanities, TISS is considered to be the second best academic institution after JNU in India."
  • 9/13/19
    "There was not a single day during the GGS studies that I did not go home feeling challenged, enlightened or just incrementally motivated to find ways to bring such brilliant learnings into my work back at home in India, after I finished my PhD."
  • 9/19/19
    Anne Marie Butler is an Assistant Professor of Art History and Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Kalamazoo College. Her research investigates how intersections between surrealism, sexuality, and queerness in contemporary Tunisian art can subvert state authority and social norms.