Meet Our Students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and pursue a variety of different careers, but they have one thing in common: a desire to understand the past. We're honored to help them on their journey. Learn more about why our students think the University at Buffalo Department of History is the perfect place to study. 

The staff at our institution were the main reason I was drawn to the program. I was an undecided major – I knew I wanted to do something humanities based, but was uncertain of which path to follow. All of the History professors create an environment where knowledge and self-expression are able to prosper. That environment, which I first experienced in Dr. Radford’s U.S. History II class, was what made me certain I wanted to be a History major. Every class I have taken since has only reinforced that decision, and I am not only a better student, but also a better person because of it.
Choosing to become a history major was never something I thought twice about. After my first semester of college, I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy my time at UB if I wasn’t reading, writing, and learning about the things I’m passionate about.
The program’s diversity of options prepares me for dealing with different kinds of people on different levels then what I had been used to before, and its great exposure! I see myself becoming a participant, teacher, and maybe a leader in the promotion, development, and interpretation of the local, regional, and Trans-Atlantic Public History and Arts fields (S.T.E.A.M.) I want to strongly highlight and unify in conversation our many historic sites, working museums and cultural centers of the growing yet still mostly underfunded Historic Tourism industry. More investments in these unique places can contribute greatly towards our revival as a local and regional economy.
I entered UB with an interest in History, but after taking a few History classes in my first semesters, the expertise of the faculty and the value placed on open discussion within my courses prompted me to pursue the major full-time.
Dr. Claire Schen was the biggest single factor that attracted me to UB. Her background in the study of the religious history of Britain caught my eye when I was looking at prospective programs, but more importantly she took time to communicate with me before I applied and after I was accepted in regards to the specifics of the program, her research, and my interests.
I became a History Major after Dr. Claude Welch in the Political Science Department recommended Dr. Harold Langfur’s “History of Brazil” class after I made a special class presentation on civil-military relations in the Lusophone world.
Having pursued my collegiate studies at SUNY institutions from my Associate’s degree through my Master’s degree, I like that I can work with internationally-recognized faculty at a public institution, demonstrating the value of public education to our community, state, and nation.
I was drawn to UB by the professors. The professors in in the history department are not only at the top of their field but have a wide field of research. Where else can you find department where one professor studies death in America while another studies nobility in early modern France?
Prior to coming to UB as a transfer student in 2015, I attended St. Bonaventure University where I was an International Studies major. I had always had an affinity with anything related to history but I wasn’t so sure about majoring in it.
After meeting with Dr. Radford, I was convinced that the Masters Program would be an intellectually stimulating and welcoming program!