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Derek Taylor, PhD Candidate, received an award from the Andrew C. Duncan Catholic History Trust to help fund his dissertation research. It follows an award he won from the David Rogers Research Fund, which is through the Catholic Record Society.  Derek's dissertation is a study of George Conn, the papal legate to the court of Henrietta Maria from 1636-39. Unlike most other legates through the period, Conn was a Scot (a native of Aberdeenshire), and in fact helped advise Charles I in his handling of the First Bishops' War. Often mentioned in histories of the period just prior to the English Civil War when religious tensions in England are assessed, no biography or study that places him at the center of such assessments exists.  Congrats Derek! 
Emily Bowlus-Peck was accepted into a prestigious seminar program at the Folger Library Institute.  The year old seminar, Researching the Archive, is geared towards advanced doctoral candidates, who have successfully completed their course work and qualifying exams and who will materials from the Folger’s collections in their dissertation.  The seminar meets once a month in Washington D.C. and is run by historians Carole Levin and Alan Stewart.  Congratulations Emily!
Justin Higner, MA student, has an exhibit of various model and sculptural ships on display at the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University. The show, entitled "The Higner Maritime Collection: A Retrospective," uses locally salvaged material to create models of historical and imagined cargo ships, cruise ships, ocean liners, salvages, shipwrecks, tankers, and tenders. Many have extensively decorated interiors. Justin has been creating these ships for over twenty-five years and has exhibited them at various local events, fairs, workshops, and contests, including the Lewiston Council on the Arts: Edmund Fitzgerald presentation and music event, held Nov. 3, 2018.   In addition to ship building, Justin is an active volunteer at various local historical sites throughout the area and is Wheatfield, N.Y.’s Town Historian.  "The Higner Maritime Collection" will run through March 17, 2019.  Admission is free.  More fine examples can be found at the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center until December. Congrats Justin!

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