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Our graduating MA students, and some of our graduating Honors undergraduates, gathered on Friday, May 11 to share their research as part of our annual MA Colloquium. Will Kawalec presented his research on slave resistance in the antebellum South, Xuening Kong shared her research on education in China, Joshua Keil discussed his work on military music and homesickness during the Civil War, and Patrick Nash presented work from his thesis on the Korean War. Honors Thesis writers Colleen Grabar, Lauren Kacherski, and Corrine Cardinale also shared the products of their thesis research. 
Several of our history majors were invited to present their research as a part of the Celebration of Student Excellence at the Center for the Arts last week.
It's that time of the year, and we're proud to introduce Dr. John Marsland, Dr. David Strittmatter, and Dr. Xiangli Ding, who all successfully defended their dissertations in the past two weeks. Congratulations to all! 

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