Jürgen Bohnemeyer

Jürgen Bohnemeyer.

Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

642 Baldy Hall
(716) 645-0127


  • PhD, Tillburg University, The Netherlands


Semantic typology, Conceptual and Formal Semantics, the Syntax-Semantics Interface, the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface, Linguistic Anthropology, Mesoamerican Languages

Selected Publications

  • Bohnemeyer, Jürgen (2015) “Semantic typology: New approaches to crosslinguistic variation in language and cognition.” With R. E. Moore, K. T. Donelson, & A. Eggleston. Linguistics Vanguard.
  • Bohnemeyer, Jürgen (2015) “The contact diffusion of linguistic practices: Reference frames in Mesoamerica.” With K. T. Donelson, R. E. Moore, E. Benedicto, A. Capistrán Garza, A. Eggleston, N. Hernández Green, M. S. Hernández Gómez, S. Herrera Castro, C. K. O’Meara, G. Pérez Báez, E. Palancar, G. Polian, and R. Romero Méndez. Language Dynamics and Change 5(2):169-201
  • Bohnemeyer, Jürgen (2015) “A practical epistemology for semantic elicitation in the field and elsewhere.” In R. Bochnak & L. Matthewson (eds.), Methodologies in semantic fieldwork. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 13-46.
  • Bohnemeyer, Jürgen (2014) “Aspect vs. relative tense: The case reopened”, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 32(3): 917-954.
  • Bohnemeyer, Jürgen (2014) “The cultural transmission of spatial cognition: Evidence from a large-scale study.” With K. T. Donelson, R. E. Tucker, E. Benedicto, A. Eggleston, A. Capistrán Garza, N. Hernández Green, M. S. Hernández Gómez, S. Herrera Castro, C. K. O’Meara, E. Palancar, G. Pérez Báez, G. Polian, and R. Romero Méndez. Proceedings of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.
  • Bohnemeyer, Jürgen (2013) “The language-specificity of conceptual structure: Taking stock.” International Journal of Cognitive Linguistics 4(1):65-88.