Mitsuaki Shimojo

Mitsuaki Shimojo.

Associate Professor, Director of Japanese Program, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Asian Studies

640 Baldy Hall
(716) 645-0131


  • PhD, University at Buffalo


Japanese linguistics, Syntax, and Discourse

Selected Publications

  • Lee, EunHee, and Mitsuaki Shimojo (2016) “Mismatch of topic between Japanese and Korean”. Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 25(1), 81-112.
  • Shimojo, Mitsuaki (2016) “Saliency in discourse and sentence form: zero anaphora and topicalization in Japanese”. In M. M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest and Robert Van Valin Jr. (eds.), Information Structure and Spoken Language in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective. Mouton de Gruyter, 55-75.
  • Shimojo, Mitsuaki (2015) “Discourse representation and argument linking: an analysis of zero anaphora and topicalization in Japanese narratives”. In Osamu Hieda (ed.), Information Structure and Nilotic Languages: Studies in Nilotic Linguistics Vol. 10, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 1-17.
  • Shimojo, Mitsuaki (2014) “Nihongo kakikotoba niokeru rentaishuushokusetsu: higenteitekiyoohoo no danwateki goitekiyooso no koosatsu (Some discourse and lexical aspects of non-restrictive relative clauses in written Japanese)”. The Proceedings of CAJLE 2014: The Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education, 123-132.