Rui P. Chaves

Rui Chaves.

Associate Professor

604 Baldy Hall
(716) 645-0133


  • PhD, University of Lisbon, Portugal


Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Constraint-Based Grammar, Long-Distance Dependencies, Coordination, Experimental Syntax, and Grammar Implementation

Selected Publications


  •  Chaves, Rui P. and Michael T. Putnam. (in print) Unbounded Dependency Constructions: theoretical and experimental perspectives, Oxford University Press.
  • Chaves, Rui P. (2020) "What Don't RNN Language Models Learn About Filler-Gap Dependencies?", 3rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL), pp.13.
  • Sag, Ivan A., Rui P. Chaves, Anne Abeillé, Bruno Estigarribia, Dan Flickinger, Paul Kay, Laura Michaelis, Stefan Müller, Geoffrey K. Pullum, Frank Van Eynde, Thomas W asow (2020), "Lessons from the English auxiliary system" Journal of Linguistics, 56(1), 87-155.
  • Chaves, R. P. and A. King (2019) "A usage-based account of subextraction effects", Journal of Cognitive Linguistics, 30(4) 719-750.
  • Chaves, R. P. and J. E. Dery (2019) "Frequency Effects in Subject Islands", Journal of Linguistics, 55(3), 475–521.
  • Chaves, R. P. (2018) “Freezing as a probabilistic phenomenon”. In Jutta Hartmann, Marion Knecht, Andreas Konietzko and Susanne Winkler (eds.), Freezing – Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Domains, Studies in Generative Grammar series, DeGruyter.