David Duske

David Duske.

David Duske holds a BA in North American Studies from the Freie Universität, Berlin and an MA in American Studies from the University at Buffalo. His research interests focus on Transnationalism, Cross-Cultural Individuals, and the development of belonging and identity of people living across borders. He is particularly interested in “Third Culture Kids”, migrants and migration, and how youth develop an understanding of their relationship(s) to national identity and the places and spaces they create and interact with. David’s approach to research builds heavily on lenses of citizenship, class, legal status and race to critically engage with themes of privilege and resilience as they pertain to voluntary and involuntary migration. He has also been a departmental Graduate Student Association member for the past three years.

I chose to pursue my graduate degree at UB in 2019 when the department was still called “Transnational Studies Department” because of the experienced, specialized faculty and the courses offered in the department. I was so impressed by the knowledge of the faculty and the passion with which they engaged material as well as students, that I decided to stay for the PhD program. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have made for my education and career. 

*The Department of Transnational Studies is now called the Department of Africana and American Studies