The College of Arts and Sciences morning commencement ceremony on May 21, 2023 at Alumni Arena. This ceremony celebrates undergraduates in the Arts, Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Photographer: Mark Andrew Busch.

🎓✨ Tricked out tassels! 🌟 Our College of Arts and Sciences grads didn't just graduate—they made their caps shine! 🎨💡 Discover the creativity and heart behind their amazing designs in our photo gallery. Will you step up to the challenge #UBClassof2024? 👀📸

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“They want to project this persona of being authentic in a way that maximizes their appeal, but they also have to be careful in what they say."

The Department of Communications’ Yini Zhang was quoted in The Guardian discussing President Joe Biden’s TikTok strategy, which many Gen Z viewers find "cringeworthy." While some posts have gone viral, Biden faces criticism for not addressing serious topics.

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