Jonathan Golove, with the department of music, teaches a student in a one-on-one cello lesson in an office space in Baird Hall in September 2023. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Jonathan Golove, associate professor in the Department of Music, teaches a one-on-one cello lesson with a student in Baird Hall this fall. Photographer: Douglas Levere

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"If you realize that, in her soft way, she’s constructing a world without men, of female harmony, there’s something pretty revolutionary in there as well.”

Libby Otto, professor in the Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies and director of the UB Humanities Institute, discusses a new exhibition of French painter Marie Laurecin’s work in The New York Times.

The exhibition is the first major solo Laurencin exhibition in the United States in three decades, and the first exhibition of her work to highlight the obvious: Laurencin’s art is unavoidably queer, and noticeably lacking in men.

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