Tommy Nguyen, BA 2010, MFA 2015

Tommy Nguyen, BA 2010, MFA 2015.

What was your time like at UB?

Buffalo offered not only a large, supportive, and well-resourced university but also the support of the city. This is the city, home, and place of education of some of the most well-known artists and contemporary art spaces in the world, and it's not difficult to tap into that same spirit of invention and talent.

UB and Buffalo the city seemingly offered itself to me to actualize my ideas, giving me the space, resources, people, connections, and support. There were always curators, professors, and fellow artists wanting and willing to speak about art and offer ideas and critiques. It was an amazing place to grow, make friends. An amazing incubator universityand city who allowed me to give them my spirit and parade, party, and make memorable art.

Buffalo inspired me and supported me as an artist, offering connections and bringing in outside artists who have become friends and colleagues today, creating a larger network and community where I still am able to retain that feeling of support and encouragement for experimentation.

Tommy Nguyen (BA 2010, MFA 2015)

Art Studio Manager at Pace University