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The Department of Africana and American Studies (AAS) currently administers the BA, MA and PhD degrees in American Studies with a Native American Studies specialization. AAS and the Department of Indigenous Studies will share the BA, MA and PhD American Studies degrees until the new department establishes New York State Department of Education-approved undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Now that the department is approved, core tenure-track and clinical faculty members are being hired to help develop new degree programs, including undergraduate (major/minor) and graduate (MA and PhD) degrees in Indigenous Studies. These degree programs will build on the solid foundation of the current BA, MA and PhD degrees in American Studies and currently shared with AAS, which have served Indigenous students over many decades here at UB. 

At the undergraduate level, the Department of Indigenous Studies will address its educational mission through newly established undergraduate courses with an IDS prefix. With the addition of Indigenous Studies faculty members, the new department will offer undergraduate and graduate degrees specifically in Indigenous Studies, expanding and revising the curricula as needed. 

Minor in Indigenous Studies

The undergraduate minor provides an introduction to Indigenous experiences in national and international contexts through exposure to course work on Indigenous knowledge systems, history, politics, languages, media representation, Indigenous-settler relations, literature and art.

Courses Offered

  • IDS 101 – Introduction to Indigenous Studies
  • IDS 103 – Introduction to Haudenosaunee Languages and Culture
  • IDS 104 – Introduction to Land-Based Learning
  • IDS 201 – Introduction to Contemporary and Critical Indigenous Studies
  • IDS 204 – Indigenous Environmental Justice
  • IDS 206 – Indigenous Women: Theory and History
  • IDS 207 – Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence
  • IDS 210 – Special Topics
  • IDS 306 – Indigenous Feminisms
  • IDS 310 – Special Topics
  • IDS 410 – Special Topics
  • IDS 499 – Independent Study
  • MOH 101 – Introduction to Mohawk Language

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