Lori Brok

Lori Brok.

Class: 2010
Current Position: Director of Operations at AmeriCorps St. Louis

I initially chose to major in sociology after taking an intro to sociology class in high school. I knew I wanted to major in a field that examined poverty/social inequalities and would have the potential to make a social impact.

I really loved my classes. I loved the content, reading and writing components (especially research). I also really enjoyed getting to know faculty members. They went out of their way to help me learn and grow, as a student and as a whole person. My favorite classes were Sociology of City Life and Sociological Theory (both classical and contemporary!)

I went on to get a Master of Social Work (MSW). My background in sociology definitely shapes the way I view and think about the world, and I think it helps me to have a better macro/mezzo perspective in the field of Social Work.

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience at UB. The Department of Sociology faculty really shaped my experience at UB and have been excellent mentors to me ever since! I think that majoring in sociology equips you with critical thinking and writing skills that will help you in any career, in addition to helping you define a more socially conscious worldview.