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Sociology prepares undergraduate students to become active, enlightened citizens of the world. Asking important questions like: “What effect does poverty have on health?” and “How does inequality shape social policies?” paves the way for students to become leaders in their fields and catalyze social change in their communities.

Why Study Sociology?

To keep up with a rapidly changing social landscape, sociology majors aquire the ability to critically analyze the world and their place within it through a wide range of fascinating courses. An undergraduate degree in sociology provides students with the technical and analytic tools, critical thinking skills and global perspective they need to navigate the 21st century successfully and succeed in many careers. 

Our graduates apply their knowledge and skills across a variety of occupations and professions including medical and health services, recreation, business, law and law enforcement, urban planning, social policy, and social services. They are also prepared for graduate and professional school programs in areas such as sociology, medicine, health professions, law, public policy, business, social work and other social sciences.

Why do you recommend the undergraduate sociology program at UB?

"I recommend this program because I believe that a college degree should be a reflection of who you are as a person and a reflection of where you want to go in life. A sociology degree provides all students with the necessary skills to pursue a wide variety of graduate programs and/or professional careers. I am confident that when a student graduates with a sociology degree, they are able to see the world, and our societies within, from many different perspectives and bring about positive social change."
– Ashley Scott, BA '15


  • BA in Sociology
  • BA in Criminology
  • Minor in Sociology
  • Minor in Criminology
  • Minor in Social Justice
  • Minor in Society, Medicine and Health
  • Understanding Diversity Through Sociology Micro-Credential
  • Crime and Justice in a Diverse Society Micro-Credential

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