Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott.

Class: 2015
Current Position: Admissions Counselor, University at Buffalo

I chose to study sociology because I was extremely interested in the courses the department offered. The course titles and their descriptions were exactly what I was looking for while pursuing my undergraduate degree. I also chose to study sociology because I knew from the start, as a freshman, that I would want to continue on to graduate school in the future, and this degree program provided me with the necessary skill set to be successful in a wide variety of graduate programs and professional careers.

My most memorable experience as a sociology major was being able to study abroad, alongside with a distinguished faculty member and a small cohort of UB undergrads. Another memorable experience as a sociology major was being able to present in a classroom setting; I truly enjoy speaking in front of others, having important discussions and I believe that when information is taught or presented, it is also being learned at an accelerated level. Within the sociology department here at the University at Buffalo, students are able to interact with faculty every day, which enhances learning abilities, comfort within the classroom, and being able to better understand the material that is being taught.

The knowledge and experiences I was able to take away from my sociology degree are used every single day. My degree allowed me to perceive the world we live in today in many different scopes and this has helped me in my professional career. For example, being an admissions counselor, we take a holistic approach when reviewing prospective students’ applications. As a team we take everything into account when making a decision and my sociology background has helped me become very relatable to students from various backgrounds.

I would recommend this program to others because I believe that a college degree should be a reflection of who you are as a person and a reflection of where you want to go in life. A sociology degree provides all students with the necessary skills to pursue a wide variety of graduate programs and/or professional careers. I am confident that when a student graduates with a sociology degree, they are able to see the world, and our societies within, from many different perspectives and bring about positive social change.