Two sociologists join Center for Diversity Innovation inaugural cohort of scholars

We are fortunate to have two sociologists joining the 2020-2021 Distinguished Visiting Scholars program at UB: Dr. Waverly Duck and Dr. John Major Eason.

John Major Eason, University of Wisconsin, is a former community organizer who examines race, punishment and spatial inequalities in the U.S. and whose first book — a study of the politics of prison building in a southern town — received widespread praise, challenging existing models and developing new theories of community, health, race, punishment and rural/urban processes.

Waverly Duck, University of Pittsburgh, is a scholar whose first book on poverty and drug dealing was acknowledged for its notable contribution to the sociological study of social problems, and whose current work on gentrification, displacement and food apartheid emphasizes how residents of marginalized communities identify problems and generate viable solutions.

Established with a $1 million annual commitment from UB, the Distinguished Visiting Scholars program may be the largest and most comprehensive diversity-themed visiting faculty program in the United States. It will provide opportunities for UB students and faculty to collaborate with and learn from leaders in their fields.

The fundamental objective of the program is to host an annual cohort of exceptionally accomplished individuals who, through their record of scholarship and/or creative endeavors, teaching, mentoring and service ─ as well as their skills, experiences, underrepresentation and areas of scholarly and creative expertise ─ can substantially advance diversity, equity and inclusion at UB.

Welcome, Dr. Eason and Dr. Duck!