Sculpture installation with syringes

The sculpture/installation program encourages students to investigate and a multitude of methods, materials and actions. Because object making and a diverse range of fabrication techniques and technologies is common to most methods of expression throughout contemporary art practice, the program engages the material, technical, aesthetic and theoretical dimensions within contemporary practice.

Emphasis is placed on students' problem-solving abilities and conceptual development while engaging the formal parameters and technical demands consistent with art production. Students are encouraged to develop a keen interest in critical ideas and issues through studio seminars and humanities courses, allowing them to develop a critical understanding of the socio-economic and political conditions that influence artistic production and consumption.

Sculpture/Installation Labs

Student in foundry
  • Woodshop
    • Jet 20" wood planer
    • Pressure Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinet
    • Safety Speed Cut Panel Saw
    • Sawstop Table Saw
    • Laguna Band Saw
    • Makita Compound Miter Saw
    • Delta Band Saw 
    • Delta Drill Press
    • Jet Drill Press
    • Delta Sander
  • Metal Shop
    • Hydmec Horizontal Band
    • Miller MIG welder
    • Lincoln TIG welder
  • General Tools
    • An assortment of hand-power tools (jig saws, circular saws, cordless drills, etc), hand tools (pliers, screw drivers, tape measures, glue guns, etc).
    • Bronze Foundry
    • Tilt furnaces
    • Burnout kiln
    • Ceramic shell investment tanks
    • Wax pattern work station
  • Laser Lab
    • Universal Laser Systems VLS660 50-watt laser cutter
  • Additionally
    • Access to 3D printers
    • Courses in 3D software (Rhino 3D)
    • Offsite CNC Routers and Plasma cutters