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A ceremony on May 3, 2018 honored twenty-eight College of Arts and Sciences seniors for their noteworthy contributions to the College and their individual department or program. Congratulations, Jordan!
UB’s Department of Jewish Thought hosted its first graduation celebration for its graduates on Tuesday April 24, 2018 at 7 pm in the Samuel J. Friedman Library in Clemens Hall.
With a packed room of community members and UB undergraduate and graduate students, Professor Noam Pines embarked on his discussion of “’Jews Won’t Replace Us’: Charlottesville Protest as a Challenge to Jewish Thought” 
On April 16, 2018 in the Department of Jewish Thought’s Friedman Library at UB, Mr. Gil Hoffman, a well-established Israeli media expert, shared his experiences as a journalist conversant with key figures in Israeli and Palestinian political leadership. He highlighted the importance of knowing the Israeli politics from “within” and on these grounds argued that the notion of “foreign correspondent” in Israel is outdated. Rather, at the age of global communication, journalism must be local and done by those with intimate knowledge of the constantly fluent and changing "now" of the political life, he argued.
Along with the large community and student turn out, the department was particularly pleased to welcome Ms. Helena Schwartz, Ms. Cheryl Stein and Mr. Irving Stein of the Blitzer family.

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The Department of Jewish Thought was created to serve as a multidisciplinary research and academic department focused on teaching and scholarship related to the contributions of the Jewish tradition in the development of Western civilization. Our mission is to foster knowledge, inquiry and scholarly excellence to better understand Judaism, along with its contributions to a deeper understanding of current agendas and the social challenges of humanity at large. We invite you to follow our growth as we strive to excel in teaching and scholarship.

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