Research Overview

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The faculty of the Department of Media Study consists of nationally and internationally visible media artists and published scholars, all of whom have been invited to exhibit their work or perform in international venues. It is noteworthy that our faculty has expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, robotics, art, activism, music, English literature, poetics, computer science and information science.

Research Areas

Based in the Center for the Arts in UB’s North Campus, the Film Production Program in the Department of Media Study is taught by established filmmakers, media artists and scholars whose work and research areas span narrative, documentary, experimental and hybrid cinema forms. 
For about forty years, writer/artists have been using the computer as a medium for creating poetic, fictional and dramatic literary experiences. 
In the area we deconstruct, experiment with and revolutionize gaming paradigms and explore alternative realities, interfaces and narrative forms. 
Media do not simply have a history; they are also embodiments of historical change. Media archaeology examines the ways in which media formats and technologies have both contributed to and in turn been influenced by broader societal shifts. This practice can take many forms. 
Research in Emerging Media Practices investigates critical and playful engagements with a variety of mobile, embedded, networked and pervasive computational media.
The Department of Media Study, housed in the Center for the Arts with the departments of Art and Theatre and Dance, provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that give students hands-on experience with the latest gear and best practices available.