Language Placement Testing

Correct placement in foreign language courses is an important consideration for UB students and for teachers of foreign languages.  

The purpose of the placement exam is to determine the first UB course for those who will study a foreign language to which they have had previous exposure. We are currently offering placement exams for Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish through Avant PLACE. 

The exam is taken only once per language and should be completed within 40 minutes. The exam includes sections on reading comprehension, contextualized grammar, and writing. It utilizes actual cultural texts and audio students would encounter in the real world such as articles, advertisements, and news.

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Who Should Take the Exam

  • Students who studied Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish in a classroom, or other formal setting, for more than a year
  • Students who used Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish at home
  • Students who lived in a place where Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish was spoken

Who Should Not Take the Exam

  1. If you plan to start with a new language that you have never studied, do not take a placement exam. You should register for the 101 course in that language. Undergraduate Catalog
  2. If you have college credit for foreign language courses, check your HUB for articulation and register in the appropriate next course level. 
    • Note: If you received 999 articulation or there is no current articulation agreement, check with your academic advisor and/or TAURUS to request an articulation for the courses.
  3. If you received credit for AP, IB, CLEP language exams, check HUB and/or the Alternative Exam/Credit section in TAURUS to determine the appropriate course level to register at UB.

If you have any further questions, please contact:    

Getting Started With Your Exam

Once you fill out the form below, you will receive an email with the special UB log-in and instructions for the test. Enter the Test Code and Password (provided via email) as well as your full name and UB email address

Steps for Taking the Exam

  1. Determine whether you are eligible to take the placement exam
  2. Review the technology requirements and sample practice tests
  3. Complete the form below to receive link to exam
  4. Enter the Test Code and Password provided via email
  5. Create account on AVANT site with your UB email address
  6. Take the exam and wait for your results

Sample Practice Tests

Students who wish to take a sample test in preparation for the exam can access one at PLACE Sample Tests

Technology Requirements

Review the AVANT Technology Guide to ensure your system meets the required configuration for completing the test. Use the AVANT Tech Check before taking the test.

If you do not have access to the technology required to complete this exam, please contact for French, Italian, and Spanish, and for Chinese.


If you are encountering any issues with the accessibility of this exam, please contact the Office of Accessibility Resources

Test Results

Results will be sent to your UB email account and you will be directed to the course into which you will have to register to continue your language studies at UB.  

Students who take the Avant PLACE exam before midnight (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) should expect an email with initial results and placement by noon the following work day. These initial results will be based on the reading comprehension and contextualized grammar portions of the test.

Results for the writing portion of the test will be graded within 7 days of the test. Once these results are available, you will receive another email with those results. If there is a significant discrepancy between the initial results' placement and those of the writing section, the student will be required to schedule a meeting with the coordinator to ascertain the correct placement. 

If you do not receive:

  1. Initial results within 2 working days after taking the test,
  2. Results for your writing section within 9 working days after taking the test.

Please check your SPAM folder first to make sure that the email with the exam results did not land there


Use Test Results to Register

Avant PLACE Placement Score Register in the following RLL Course
1 FR/ITA/SPA 101
2 & 3 FR/ITA/SPA 104
4 FR/ITA/SPA 151
5 FR/ITA/SPA 152

200-level consult with RLL undergraduate faculty advisor at

Language Placement Questionnaire