Can the melting of ice sheets and glaciers be slowed? How did dogs get to the Americas? Why are Americans increasingly experiencing chronic pain? How are COVID-19 pandemic caused alterations in employment changing division of labor in households?  

As one the country’s top public research universities and a member of the prestigious American Association of Universities (AAU), exploring the world’s pivotal questions and finding answers to life’s phenomenons is core to what we do day in-and-out.

The College is the heart of UB in many ways and our research and experiential learning efforts are no different. Our students and faculty are united by their inquisitive minds and strong work ethics.

Here, ambitious projects are tackled by collaboration and creative innovations. How will you help us change the world?  

Whether it's in the arts or the sciences, our faculty are solving real-world problems and finding solutions to complex issues.

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Sambandamurthy Ganapathy
Associate Dean for Research
Department of Physics