Meet Our Students

  • Xinyi Lu
    Xinyi Lu is a qualitative and a quantitative researcher, she received her training from her M.A as well as my M.B.A background.
  • Rachel Pitonyak
    Rachel Pitonyak’s current research focuses primarily on the importance of women film directors, and the evolution of their work throughout time. 
  • Robert Pitts
    Robert Pitts has a BA in sociology and an MA in Public Policy from Adler University. His current scholarship is in the symbolism and ritual of Afro-Atlantic religions and issues surrounding food aparthied.
  • Zachary Shackelford
    Zachary Shackelford graduated Summa Cum Laude from UB with a Bachelor's in both Communications and African and African American studies. I hold a Master's in American Studies. My current research interests are public transportation access and equity, with a lens on the intersections of race, mental health, and policing. In addition, I research Black Liberation movements with a focus on their potential for healing intergenerational trauma in communities of color.