MA in Visual Studies

painting by Johnson.

The MA in Visual Studies is a two-year 36-credit program of study designed for a small, highly selective body of students who have already identified an intellectual project in keeping with faculty specializations. If admitted to the Visual Studies MA, you will work closely with faculty in developing an interdisciplinary course of study. Though it is a degree program, the MA in Visual Studies should be viewed as a stepping-stone to an eventual PhD, although acceptance in the MA program in Visual Studies does not guarantee admission to our PhD program.

Program Plan

Core Courses, 9 Credit Hours

  • VS 501 Intro to Visual Studies (3)
  • VS 505 Tactics of Praxis (3)
  • VS 521 Introduction to Critical Theory requirement (3)

Directed Electives, 21 Credit Hours
Up to 9 credit hours may be independent studies and/or supervised readings

Master’s Thesis, 6 Credit Hours

  • VS 598 Thesis Guidance
  • VS 598 Thesis Guidance


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