Experiential Learning Opportunities

Student and professor at Coalesce.

Visiting Artist Speaker Series

The fall lecture series features renowned artists, critics and curators. Students have the opportunity to sign up for  individual studio visits with speakers.

Past visitors have included Ryan Trecartin, Catherine Opie, Lyle Ashton Harris, Karen Finley, Douglas Crimp, The Yes Men, Xu Bing, Maurizio Cattelan, Claire Pentecost, Mel Chin, Stan Douglas, Trevor Paglan, William Pope L., Michelle Grabner and Jens Hoffman

Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities

Coalesce Center for Biological Arts is a hybrid studio laboratory facility for artists and designers. It is dedicated to enabling hands-on creative engagement with tools and technologies from the life sciences.

Emerging Practices is an area of study focusing on the interdisciplinary space between emerging technologies and the arts. MFA students may explore the technical, tactical, cultural and communicative potential of emerging technologies such as interactive media, electronic installation, robotics, biotechnology and algorithmic image synthesis.

Humanities Institute provides a forum for cross disciplinary scholarship through faculty and student research fellowships, lectures, conferences and publications.

Beijing Graduate Exchange Program was a cross-cultural collaborative program which offered graduate students residencies with the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Due to diplomatic reasons, this program is currently inactive.