PhD in Visual Studies

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Couch tied in a knot by Bietz.

The PhD program in Visual Studies was an advanced program for motivated, independently-minded scholars invested in critical discourses that analyze and challenge the social norm.

This program offered a study of visual culture with a particular emphasis on the late 19th, 20th and 21st centuries integrating art history, histories of the image, and critical theory with alternative perspectives rooted in sexuality studies and gender. Students took courses in any department or program at UB for credit. This course of study was research focused in consultation with advisers. There were only a few required courses—an introduction to visual studies/critical theory and another course that analyze art in the context of social change.

Graduates of the program prepared to work in a range of related disciplines including art history, studio art, performance studies, American studies, curatorial/museum work, critical theory, art writing.

Program Plan

Complete a minimum of 72 credit hours of graduate coursework towards the PhD in Visual Studies program. Up to 32 credits may be transferred in from previous graduate level degree applicable coursework, to be determined on a case by case basis.

Required Core Courses: 9 credit hours

  • VS 501 Intro to Visual Studies (3)
  • VS 505 Tactics of Praxis (3)
  • VSXXX Critical Theory requirement (3)

Directed Electives: 45 credit hours

  • 9 credit hours must be VS 595 Independent Study-advanced Reading
  • 36 credit hours should be interdisciplinary. Each course must be approved by the program director by letter for the file.

Dissertation Guidance: 12-18 credit hours

A minimum of 12 hours must be comprised of VS 695 Advanced Research and VS 700 Dissertation Guidance. The remaining 6 credits may be dissertation guidance or approved electives.

  • VS 695/700
  • VS 695/700
  • VS 700 or elective

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