Recent Bachelor Degrees

  • Class of 2021
    Congratulations to our Class of 2021 from the faculty and staff of Biological Sciences. This webpage contains a listing of our recent udergraduates in tribute to their achievement. 
  • Class of 2020
    Congratulations to our Class of 2020 from the faculty and staff of Biological Sciences. This webpage contains a listing of our recent udergraduates in tribute to their achievement. Also see our listing of Graduate Student Graduates, here.

Selected Profiles of BIO Undergraduate Graduates

  • Vijyendra Ramesh.
    Vijyendra Ramesh

    "The UB Biological Sciences department is a great place to grow as a student and a future communicator of science. Established scientists are really friendly and willing to mentor you, let you work in their labs and even let you be teaching assistants for their classes. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here!"

    Current Activities: Ph.D. Student in Molecular & Cellular Biology at Duke University School of Medicine, currently doing lab rotations.

  • Sampurna Chakrabarti.
    Sampurna Chakrabarti

    "I loved that the Bio department offered a variety of introductory and specialized courses. I felt the Neurobiology courses and Honors research methodology course prepared me well for graduate school. I am also grateful to the department for awarding me the Knobloch fellowship that helped me pursue my research in the lab of Professor Malcolm Slaughter."
    Current Activities:
    Gates Cambridge Scholar pursuing a PhD in Pharmacology in University of Cambridge, UK, researching arthritic pain to develop novel drug targets. 

  • Timothy Hansen.
    Timothy Hansen

    "As an undergraduate in the department of biological sciences at UB, I was truly able to receive a unique education with the ability to customize and individualize my experience. Over the course of three years I was able to develop a research project of my own, and receive close mentorship from many faculty members. I developed skills in basic science research, as well as grant writing and public speaking. This led to a summer research internship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and a trip to San Diego to present my work at a national genetics conference."

    Current Activity: UB Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Class of 2019

  • Gary.

    "My work in Dr. Gunawardena’s lab focused on developing a methodology to advance our understanding of how proteins and other vital cargos are trafficked across the long distances in neurons. Our new system allowed us to visualize and directly measure the movement of these cargoes over a period of neural development. My success thus far has been the direct result of the opportunities and support I have received during my undergraduate research. These early experiences have helped to make my ambitions of becoming a scientific investigator on the forefront of human knowledge a possibility."

    Current Activity: Continuing to develop my ability to explore fundamental problems in nature by pursuing my PhD in Biochemistry at UB.