Celia Zhang.

Celia Zhang

What made you choose the CDS field?
During my freshman year at the University at Buffalo, I took Dr. Wei Sun’s Audiology: Diagnosis & Management course out of curiosity. Later that semester, I started working with him as a Research Assistant in the Center for Hearing and Deafness where I learned to dissect mouse cochlea and perform ABRs on mice. The rest is history! 

Why UB? Why did you choose UB for your undergraduate or your graduate program? What stood out to you, what did you like or anything different UB offered compared to other programs?
I was part of the University Honors College at UB and had a wonderful experience. I chose to stay for my AuD and PhD studies since I already established my mentors in the field and found my home away from home at the Center for Hearing and Deafness. UB had all I wanted in a graduate program, outstanding faculty, world-renowned scientists, and a supportive community, who turned into mentors and lifelong friends. 

How has your time at UB prepared you for your current endeavors?
I give all my credits to UB for providing me with the resources and experiences I needed to grow as an educator, clinician, and a scientist. As a faculty, I use the skills learned during my time at UB to teach and mentor the next generation of audiologists. 

Where are you now? Please note your work location and what you do.
I am an Assistant Professor at the University of the Pacific, Department of Audiology in San Francisco, California. I also serve as the Academic Program Liaison for the California Academy of Audiology.