Jacqueline Drexler.

Jacqueline Drexler, AuD

What made you choose the CDS field?
I chose the CDS field because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in audiology. With my own personal experience living with hearing loss and the care I received from my audiologist, I wanted to help and work with individuals living with hearing loss and becoming an audiologist was the perfect profession for me. 

Why UB? Why did you choose UB for your undergraduate or your graduate program? What stood out to you, what did you like or anything different UB offered compared to other programs?
I chose UB for my graduate program because of the strong reputation the CDS program has nationwide. As a resident of NY, the other important factor for me was tuition affordability. UB offered both - a great academic reputation for its CDS program and in-state tuition. 

How has your time at UB prepared you for your current endeavors?
I am grateful for my time at UB. My professors were wonderful to learn from and were passionate in what they were teaching. The collaboration between the students and professors, along with the coursework, the research projects, and clinical rotations prepared me to become the audiologist I am today. 

Where are you now? Please note your work location and what you do.
I am now living in Staefa, Switzerland working for a hearing solutions manufacturer, Phonak. As an Audiology Manager, I work closely with product development and product launches, specifically with hearing aid fitting software. I develop training and educational content for the group companies to help them support their local hearing care professionals on fitting Phonak hearing aids to their patients.