Help Chemistry's Matching Challenge This Giving Day!

Person standing in front of a Proud Chemistry sign wearing a black pantsuit.

Ananya Saju, PhD student, at the ACS Spring 2024 meeting in New Orleans

Dear UB Chemistry Alumni and Friends,

This is Mitch Pulwer (PhD 1980) asking you to join me in helping Chemistry students attend external technical meetings and professional conferences. I am retired and haven’t attended a technical meeting in years, but I remember the excitement of presenting my first paper at a regional ACS meeting. The experience was tremendous, and allowed me, for the first time in my career, to explain my research to an external audience with confidence. Obviously, this became important as I developed in my career. I am sure you remember your first presentation at a technical gathering, and hopefully it was exciting, fulfilling and rewarding.

Two persons standing in front of a sign saying ACS Spring 2024.

Nayanika Kalita and Ananya Saju, PhD students, at the ACS Spring 2024 meeting in New Orleans

So, I am starting a UB Chemistry Department Student Travel Fund matching challenge for UB Giving Day 2024. I will match all gifts made to the Fund on Giving Day up to a total of $10,000. The funds will be used to support current UB graduate and undergraduate students, and postdocs, participate in presentation opportunities at external meetings. The Fund will be administered by the Department Chair and a report will be available every year to highlight those who made presentations. Attendance costs have risen significantly and there are not always enough funds in a group or departmental budget to support students’ attendance. No student should have to forfeit the chance to “be a chemistry star”, because of a lack of funding.

Four persons talking at a chemistry poster session.

Karla Rios, PhD Student, presenting at the RENEW Workshop

Please join me in helping UB Chemistry Department students in this specific endeavor. It was a special time for us then, and now we can make it a special time for some very deserving students.

Thanks for reading and for your donations,