Moore receives nod for assistance with 6888th Monument Project

Brenda L. Moore.

The Department of Sociology’s Brenda L. Moore received a letter of appreciation from Commander Carlton Philpot, chair and project manager for the 6888th Monument Project. 

Commander Philpot and his committee erected a monument for the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion at Fort Leavenworth and spearheaded a campaign to petition for a Congressional Gold Medal for the Battalion. The Committee obtained permission from New York University Press to use materials from Moore’s book, “To Serve My Country, To Serve My Race: The Story of the Only African American WACs Stationed Overseas during World War II” to use in their presentations to Congress and in their educational materials about the 6888th.

Moore’s book was the first comprehensive and documented study that laid an historical foundation of the 6888th for future researchers and students. The book serves as a blueprint for an upcoming Tyler Perry movie, “Six Triple Eight.”