Meet Our Students

  • Nina Arnone
    From the first semester, I knew that what I learned within this department would set me on a new path in my life. I have learned more in one year here than I thought possible. Everyone here has a different background and area of interest, making every conversation unexpectedly exciting. I have been challenged intellectually and accepted within a group who I believe will be lifelong friends. Upon graduating I would love to work in a journal or a newspaper, being a part of a team that brings out the voices and the stories of the next generation. More importantly and with certainty, I will take what I have learned and implement it in community organizing, in the effort to bring about a better future.
  • Eugene Koveos
    The University at Buffalo’s Department of Comparative Literature offers a real thinking community devoted to serious study. I’ve been able to learn from exemplary scholars like Dr. Devonya N. Havis and Dr. Krzysztof Ziarek through intensive seminars during the morning, stop into the Philosophical Reading Group in the afternoon, and attend a Just Theory lecture at night, presenting cutting edge analysis from around the world. Whether you are studying the meeting of literature and philosophy through art, epistemology, ancient philosophy, poetry or social movements, both the breadth and opportunity for focus provided by the Comparative Literature department is truly unique. 
  • Ayesha Rasul
    I have been a graduate student with the Department of Comparative Literature since 2018. While working on my PhD, I have experienced a wealth of learning with wonderful professors and superb fellow graduate students. In my research into the intricacies of folk songs and oral stories of South Asia, my perspectives and learning has expanded greatly, and I look forward to furthering this research in academia and beyond. It is through my work here that I have successfully