Info for Current Students

Policies and Procedures

Degree Completion Timeline (Full-time PhD)

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year and Beyond

At end of second year, submit Application to Candidacy (ATC) and Certification of Full Time Status (CFTS).

Supported (9 hrs/semester)

First Semester:

  • 3 Intensive Seminars
  • ENG 588 (2 credits); this course runs concurrent with the teaching of ENG 105, and is a discussion of what is happening in class, grading, etc.

Second Semester:

  • 1 Intensive Seminar
  • 2 oral lists
  • If students are interested in teaching CL2 courses, they can take ENG 589 (the CL2 Practicum) in spring of their second year; this course prepares students to teach CL2 courses for the English department (in their 3rd year or
    later). The CL2 courses are junior-level writing-in-the-disciplines courses that meet the second half of the UB Curriculum’s Communication Literacy requirement.

20 credit hrs (36 cumulative total)

Unsupported (12 hrs/semester)

  • 5 Intensive Seminars and
  • 3 Extensive Seminars

24 credit hrs (48 cumulative total)

Degree Completion Timeline (Full-time MA, self-funded)

First Year Second Year

First Semester

  • 3 “Intensive” seminars
  • 1 COL 598 Master’s Project Guidance (3 credits)

12 credit hrs (36 cumulative total, minimum required: 30)

The MA can be finished in three semesters. The total number of credit hours for the MA in Comparative Literature is 30. The schedule outlined above is a reasonable way to fulfill the requirements of the program, but the program can also be completed in four semesters. The fourth semester, the student would enroll only in COL 598. Discuss with the DGS and the Graduate Secretary about filling out the Certificate of Full-Time Status, which enables the student to enroll in only 1 credit hour but to still maintain full-time status.