UB hosts large scale lava experimentation workshop

On June 12 and 13 2023, the Center for Geological and Climate Hazards at UB hosted a Large scale lava experimentation workshop. Experts from across the globe gathered at UB both in person and virtually for a discussion and planning workshop aimed at creating a roadmap for the future of large-scale lava experiments.

Operators and users of both the UB geohazards field station and the Syracuse University Lava Project shared research results and best practices for operation and data acquisition with the broader scientific community in order to showcase what can and has been done, develop standardized operation, data acquisition and archiving methods and define the next frontiers in large scale experimentation.

Key discussion topics included:

  • What are the best practices and lessons learned from previous campaigns and how can data become comparable between different experiments, facilities and laboratories?
  • What are the main limitations (in facilities, observation, documentation, characterization) and ways to overcome them?
  • Which tools or equipment could add further scientific value to the experiments and their observations.
  • What are the most pressing research directions to tackle standing challenges in the field and are they within immediate and mid-term reach?
  • Which research directions would require significant additions/modifications of existing infrastructure but could address questions unachievable to date?