Sophie Nowicki Director.

Sophie Nowicki PhD

Department of Geology

Research Topics:  Glaciology, ice-sheet modeling, climate modeling, sea level change

Lead Experimental Scientist

Ingo Sonder PhD.

Ingo Sonder PhD

Department of Geology

Research Topics: physical volcanology: processes, experiments explosive and non-explosive magma-water interaction, explosive volcanic processes, volcanic mass flows, magma physics, heat transfer, molten fuel coolant interaction (MFCI), thermal granulation

Advisory Group

Joesph Atkinson, PhD.

Joseph F. Atkinson PhD, PE

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Research Topics: Water Resources, environmental hydraulics, water quality modeling, sediment transport

Andrew Crooks PhD.

Andrew Crooks PhD

Department of Geography

Research Topics: Geographical Information Science, Geocomputation, Agent-based modeling, Social Network Analysis, Urban Geography, Computational Social Science

Beata Csatho Geology.

Beata M. Csatho PhD

Department of Geology

Research Topics:  Remote sensing, glaciology, climate change, geophysics

Stephan Kolzenburg PhD.

Stephan Kolzenburg PhD

Department of Geology

Research Topics: Experimental and Physical Volcanology; Magma and Lava Rheology; Geo-Materials Science; Volcanic and Geologic Hazards

E. Bruce Pitman PhD.

E. Bruce Pitman PhD

Department Material Design and Innovation 

Research Topics: Mathematical modeling; high-performance computing; model uncertainty and uncertainty quanti cation

Nicholas Rajkovich, PhD, AIA.

Nicholas Rajkovich, PhD, AIA

Department of Architecture

Research Topic: investigates the intersection of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and adaptation to climate change.